Get Solved Liberty University CRIS 303 Quiz 3 

Get Solved Liberty University CRIS 303 Quiz 3


  1. The lack of or inability to use appropriate coping mechanisms may be seen as an indicator of healthy emotional functioning.
  2. Indications of possible complicated bereavement for a child three and under after losing a parent include severe and persistent separation anxiety when aware from the surviving parent or caregiver that lasts for more than months after the reestablishment of a stable predictable home environment.
  3. The importance of interpersonal relationships decreases in the end-of-life experience.
  4. Transition, the passing from one state to another, is accepted as a(n)        aspect of life.
  5. When answering the question, “When does dying to begin?” which of the following would posit that we die from the moment we are born?
  6. Corr (1993) identified four challenges that dying people encounter. Which of these is not one of them?
  7. According to the authors, “uncertain death at an unknown time” in its broadest sense, is a reality that applies to everyone for we know neither the day nor the time of our death.
  8. Which of the following is not identified by Futter, Hoffman, and Sanshin (1972) as a series of conceptualized anticipatory grief?
  9. Given the information you’ve learned about attachments and loss, discuss how your opinion of the grief process has changed (please write 4-6 sentences).
  10. Bowlby, Parkes, and Weiss (1983) observed that adults who are separated from or lose their attachment figures experience a series of reactions similar to those observed in infants who have been separated from or have lost attachment figures.
  11. Pioneering studies by Glaser and Strauss (1966, 1968) identified a variety of sequences or pathways to death and their distinctive characteristics. They call these pathways
  12. Engel describes the normal sequence of grief in six phases. Which of the following bests describes the first?
  13. The first type of death expectation is
  14. The stage of development for children that introduces experiences that are related to death occurs in early preoperational thinking (magical thinking), where the child communicates through play or make-believe. What does the child fear most at this stage?
  15. How many stages are in Kubler-Ross’ stages of dying?
  16. Ainsworth, Blehar, Waters, and Wall (1978) conducted the first detailed studies of what in attachment theory?
  17. According to the text, only humans are born with the capacity to demonstrate perplexing reactions to separation and loss.
  18. Even when the facts are communicated, most people do not accept themselves as dying until the situation has been
  19. Moos and Tsu (1977) identified a novel set of tasks that may present themselves during the knowledge of death and the point of death which vary depending on
  20. Just as there are factors that influence the grief reaction, there are factors that influence how the phenomenon of death is experienced. Which of the following is a significant factor that was identified in the text?
  21. Given the information you’ve learned about attachments and loss, discuss how your opinion of the grief process has changed (please write 4-6 sentences).

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