Get Solved Liberty University EDCO 705 Quiz 3 

Get Solved Liberty University EDCO 705 Quiz 3

  1. Which item below is not part of the recognized 4-phase model of collaborative consulting?
  2. Unequal treatment and access to resources because of individual or group identities is termed:
  3. An effort to eliminate deficits and problems for individuals while neglecting to address the causes that contribute to the problems is termed:
  4. Working with individuals, groups, and communities to change existing social structures, policies, and practice to promote social justice is called:
  5. When major problems arise in a group setting, and the previous skills used to solve such problems are no longer are effective, the process of dealing with this is called:
  6. Using evaluation concepts, techniques, and findings to foster improvements and self-determination is called:
  7. The degree to which core elements of an intervention are preserved when an EBI is implemented in a novel setting is referred to as _____ to core elements.
  8. Evaluation coaches and facilitators help stakeholders conduct their own evaluation of their programs to improve performance are referred to as:
  9. EBI stands for:
  10. Capacity building is a handout, not a hand up.
  11. The result of organizations from different sectors agreeing to solve a specific social problem using a common agenda is termed:
  12. Equal treatment of, and opportunities for all individuals, groups, and communities, is referred to as:
  13. Ralph and Sam both work in the same office. Sam’s client has a need that he feels that Ralph is more qualified to deal with, so he asks if Ralph will take over helping his client instead. Their relationship may be viewed as a:
  14. The process of facilitating an energizing consensus building processes is called animating consensus building.
  15. The fairness involved in power and decision-making processes that determine who benefits from resources is called:
  16. Fair access to tangible and material goods including housing, medical care, education, and employment is called:
  17. Tom and Jerry are working together as equals in every way with the same goals and rewards. Their relationship may be viewed as a:
  18. The term used to describe the interaction and processes that take place in a group environment is called:
  19. An aspect that focuses on changing systems that create problems rather than addressing the problematic symptoms, moves beyond a reactive response and involves efforts to alter shared goals, roles, and power relationships is termed:
  20. Bill and Bob are working together as equals to assist one another in a project to aid Bob’s client. Their relationship may be viewed as a:
  21. While academia may be the major source of training in the field, all of the additional sources below except for one may be used as well to provide professionally recognized training. Which source is that?
  22. Which of the following is one of the 10 Commandments I’m lobbying?
  23. Core competencies in the field of community research in action includes all but which one of the following?
  24. When the expectations of others have a major effect on group and individual attitudes and behaviors it is called normative social influence.
  25. A person, group, organization, member, or system that affects or can be affected by an organization’s actions is called a:

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