Get Solved Liberty University EDCO 740 Quiz 4 

Get Solved Liberty University EDCO 740 Quiz 4


  1. In general, for mental disorders as set of ______________________ symptoms is about all we have to define and diagnose disorders.
  2. What side-effect is considered the most serious from using antipsychotics?
  3. Which drug class below would NOT be considered an antidepressant?
  4. __________________ behavior may be viewed as a group of symptoms that can have many possible causes.
  5. “Indefinite Commitment” to a hospital was declared to be unconstitutional in __________________ .
  6. It would be better for schizophrenia to be translated as “_____________________” rather than what it has been popularly referred to in the past.
  7. Which choice below is NOT one of the medications that can be used to help treat bipolar disorder?
  8. Which group of drugs below could be termed “antipsychotics?”
  9. The ______________ provides criteria for classifying mental disorders into hundreds of specific diagnostic categories.
  10. A _______________ disorder refers to the appearance of depressed or manic symptoms.
  11. The Food and Drug Cosmetic Act says a product “intended for the use in diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of disease” is a ____________________ .
  12. OTC refers to:
  13. Which supplement below is suggested to improve memory functioning in Alzheimer’s patients due to its presumed ability to increase blood circulation to the brain?
  14. Combining ginkgo biloba with ____________________ could be dangerous, since they both have been shown to reduce blood clotting.
  15. People hoping to _____________________ are probably the biggest market for dietary supplements.
  16. The 1962 Kefauver-Harris Amendment required that all drugs be evaluated for both ______________ and _______________ .
  17. Which answer below is a possible side-effect of taking aspirin?
  18. Since 1906, with the process of regulating patent medicines, the FDA was concerned about the purity of a product and accurate _________________ so consumers would know what they were buying.
  19. Drug manufacturers have to demonstrate to the FDA that the drug is ______________ when used as intended, and _____________ for its intended use.
  20. The textbook lists several supplements to avoid.  Which choice below is one of those supplements?
  21. Which herb below has actually been found to have some usefulness in treating depression?
  22. In 2004, after the death of Steve Bechler, the FDA declared that products containing _________________ did pose a significant and unreasonable risk and therefor could not be sold.
  23. Which choice below is a potentially serious side-effect of aspirin, but is also of some value with certain types of patients?
  24. Which choice below is NOT one of the reasons that make aspirin such a valuable medication for pain relief?
  25. Modern cold medicines contain three common types of ingredients.  Which choice below is NOT one of those ingredients?
  26. The active ingredient in OTC sleep aids and cough/cold products is usually a(n)
  27. “Ibuprofens” are categorized under the term: __________________ .
  28. Which choice below is NOT one of the performance-enhancing substances that athletes have used?
  29. In the 1960s and early 1970s, it was discovered that professional football players were using ______________ during games.
  30. In what year was it shown by chromosome testing that men could compete in women’s sports?
  31. A widely-used substance popular among body-builders for promoting energy muscle contractions that is a natural substance found in meat and fish, but those in longer-distance sports found no effect, is called
  32. The term “ergogenic” refers to
  33. Studies have shown that _______________________ increases lean body mass but may not improve strength.
  34. During and after World War II, it was found that malnourished people could gain weight and build themselves up more rapidly if they were given the male hormone _______________________.
  35. During the 1800s to 1900s, there were three types of substances reported to be in use by athletes to enhance their sporting performances.  Which choice below is NOT one of those substances?
  36. Which choice below is one of SAMHSA’s main model prevention programs?
  37. Which answer below is NOT part of the important key elements that were shown to be most effective based on the “social influence model?”
  38. In teaching about the dangers of drugs, such as smoking, researchers discovered a number of key elements that were shown to be the most effective.  Which is one of the ways below?
  39. There have been a number of programs that have been shown to work in the prevention of substance use.  Which choice below was NOT one of them?
  40. Prevention efforts are categorized according to the intended target population.  Which choice is not one of the prevention options given in the text?
  41. When the goals of a program are usually for the prevention of other, more dangerous substances, it is considered a
  42. _________________ prevention strategies are targeted at individuals who show signs of developing problems.
  43. “DARE” stands for
  44. Which choice is considered a part of Affective Education in relation to drug prevention in young people?
  45. The Institute of Medicine has proposed a classification of the “continuum of care.”  Which answer below is NOT part of its classification system?
  46. Under drug ________________, drug quality and control is regulated by the government.
  47. The most prevalent current form of drug policy in the United States is the drug
  48. Criminal convictions [of drug users] have led to de factoand legal _______________ .
  49. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, which country sought to combat the increasing rates of HIV infections stemming from intravenous heroin use and needle sharing through a program of “heroin-assisted treatment?”
  50. Which country named below has NOT decriminalized illegal drugs?

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