Get Solved Liberty University EDUC 306 Discussion 1

Get Solved Liberty University EDUC 306 Discussion 1

In her article “Be a Better Writer, Be a Better Teacher,” Marsha Grace takes a bold stance on writing as a form of communication while Jonathan Eckert (2011) challenges teachers to maintain integrity in who they are and what they believe in his article “Teachers and Faith.” After reading both of the articles, respond to the following questions:

  1. How would you characterize yourself as a writer (strengths, weaknesses, concerns for both the APA style of writing and as a form of written communication, etc.)? Identify and reflect on 1 of Grace’s steps to becoming a writer that you would be willing to try over the next couple of modules/weeks.
  2. From a teacher’s standpoint, why is it important to possess and apply good writing skills? What role does written communication by a teacher play in and out of the classroom? List and describe some of the uses.
  3. Explain your stance on Eckert’s use of Scripture from Genesis 1:26–27, reminding teachers that students are created in the image of God. What does this Scripture mean to you as you consider and view your own students? From a Christian perspective, how do the developmental components (intellect, moral, civic duty, and performance) described by Eckert correspond with your beliefs and responsibilities as a teacher?

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