Get Solved Liberty University EDUC 500 Quiz 2

Get Solved Liberty University EDUC 500 Quiz 2


  1. James Marcia’s identity stage in which an identity crisis has never been experienced is:
  2. One student sees another cheat on a test. The first student reasons that cheating is acceptable because the teacher wasn’t looking. What level of moral reasoning is the student exhibiting?
  3. Controversial children are children who are:
  4. According to Piaget, between the ages of six and ten years, children believe that the rules of a game:
  5. A child’s ability to create expectations satisfied by the need for food and affection is an example of which of Erikson’s stages?
  6. The stages of personal and social development are played out in constant interaction with others and with society as a whole. During the initial stages, the interactions are primarily with:
  7. During which of the following stages of Erikson’s theory of psychosocial development do teachers and peers take on increasing importance while the influence of parents decreases?
  8. Brianna and Grayson each have a bucket of blocks and each is building a tower with the blocks on the floor. Brianna runs out of square shapes and sees that Grayson has some left. She asks Grayson for one, offering to trade a triangle in return. Grayson makes the trade and asks Brianna if she will trade another triangle for a square. Brianna and Grayson are engaged in:
  9. A nursery school teacher tells a mother that her child engages in parallel play. The teacher might see the child frequently playing:
  10. According to the text, levels of anxiety in adolescents are highest in which of Marcia’s identity stages?
  11. Erikson hypothesized that individuals pass through several psychosocial stages of development. How many stages are in Erikson’s psychosocial development theory?
  12. Research on gender differences in moral reasoning suggests that:
  13. The second stage of Piaget’s theory of moral development is the stage where an individual understands that people make rules and that punishments are not automatic. This stage is called:
  14. Self-esteem is based on self-evaluation of:
  15. During which stage of development is the basic goal to develop a sense of trust in the world?
  16. The inability to develop a clear direction or sense of self is referred to as:
  17. Which of the following statements best reflects the conventional level of moral reasoning?
  18. The ability to find a partner in friendship, sex and cooperation demonstrates which of Erikson’s conflicts?
  19. If individuals do not grow during the generativity stage, a sense of stagnation and interpersonal impoverishment develops. This leads to:
  20. Gavin has developed a solid understanding of the rules associated with playing checkers. According to Piaget, Gavin has moved beyond the stage of:
  21. A student does not really think about plagiarism as a true injustice to her fellow students. She believes it is acceptable because her close friends say that plagiarism is just a survival skill that everybody uses. Applying Kohlberg’s theory of moral development, what level best identifies the student’s judgment about plagiarism?
  22. During adolescence, people begin to explore their:
  23. Which of Marcia’s identity status levels is associated with the highest degree of anxiety for adolescents?
  24. Pregnancy and childbirth are major concerns for all groups of female adolescents, but particularly among those from:
  25. According to Piaget, children in the heteronomous stage of moral development believe that rules:
  26. Associative play is played that:
  27. In lower elementary, peer groups are comprised mainly of:
  28. According to Kohlberg, for individuals operating at which level of moral development is morality defined in terms of cooperation with peers?
  29. Erik Erikson, in stage two of his theory of psychosocial development, asserts that parents who are overly restrictive and harsh give their children:
  30. The third-grade teacher has told a group of students to go to the cabinet and take a box of crayons that they may use during the year. A student who is the last one in line is faced with the moral dilemma of whether to take several boxes since no one is watching. The student makes the decision that it would not be proper because the rule did not allow for anyone to take more than one box. This behavior reflects which level of moral reasoning?

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