Get Solved Liberty University GOVT 302 Test 2

Get Solved Liberty University GOVT 302 Test 2



  1. According to Locke, we acquire property by
  2. Rousseau recommended that a state be
  3. According to Hobbes, a subject may disobey if the sovereign orders him to
  4. Hobbes calls the absence of external impediments
  5. Who proposed the doctrine of the law of the greater force?
  6. Rousseau claimed that men in the state of nature are
  7. Hobbes said sovereign power could be vested in
  8. Robert Goldwin claims (in the Strauss book) that the source, content, and end of Locke’s law of nature can be summed up as
  9. According to Hobbes, the laws of nature are precepts of
  10. According to Rousseau, which type of organization is natural?
  11. Who believed that civil society is not natural?
  12. Hobbes said that human nature is to be understood in terms of
  13. Locke said that is “no form of civil government at all.”
  14. Rousseau believed men were naturally
  15. In modern society, the rich are protected and the poor are oppressed, according to
  16. Rousseau says that in the state of nature
  17. Locke says that when the government is established, this branch should be supreme
  18. Who will act outside of the law and even contrary to it, according to Locke?
  19. According to Locke, what is the defect(s) of the state of nature?
  20. According to Rousseau, civil societies began with
  21. Instead of selfish interest, what can return civilized man to a concern for the common good?
  22. Hobbes said that the social contract could be established as a result of
  23. Hobbes says that men once lived in a
  24. According to Locke, the relationship between the people and their government is
  25. Locke said that political society is formed by
  26. The blameless liberty to do or refrain from doing whatever one can to preserve one’s life Hobbes called
  27. According to Hobbes, sovereignty can rest in a
  28. Who believed that man is basically idle by nature?
  29. Which author based his theory on the concept of general will?
  30. Who believed that men were intended by nature to live in a city or state?
  31. Locke claims that God gave the earth to
  32. According to Rousseau, progress in science and the arts lead to
  33. Lawrence Berns, in the Strauss book, identifies this thinker as the founder of modern liberalism.
  34. For Rousseau, the sole source of morality is
  35. The only thing a political society without government can do is
  36. Locke uses the term “property” to include
  37. According to Locke, in the state, all men are naturally in a state of
  38. According to Rousseau, the first man who said, “this land belongs to me,” could be considered
  39. Hobbes describes the natural condition of man before civil society as
  40. Hobbes calls for the liberty of each man as he wishes to preserve his own life
  41. How does Hobbes describe the formation of the social contract? Who is involved?
  42. According to Locke, what are the difficulties men face in the state of nature?

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