Get Solved Liberty University HIUS 222 Quiz 4-5-6

Get Solved Liberty University HIUS 222 Quiz 4-5-6



HIUS 222 Quiz 4

  1. Where did the Catholic Church hold a series of meetings in 1926 that drew an estimated 1 million attendees?
  2. Why was Frederick Taylor significant?
  3. What precipitated the Tulsa Race Riot?
  4. Clara Bow was a famous singer in the 1920s.
  5. How many banks shut down between 1930 and 1933?
  6. What did Huey Long believe FDR should do?
  7. When did significant criticism of President Roosevelt’s policies begin?
  8. Who argued in the 1930s that the federal government was not doing enough to regulate capitalism and to help the poor?
  9. According to your textbook, what best describes the performance of the U.S. economy throughout the 1920s?
  10. Which amendment did the National Woman’s Party campaign primarily for in the 1920s?
  11. What was the National Origins Act of 1924?
  12. The Issei and Nisei were relatively unsuccessful and were ignored by the United States government.
  13. What was involved in the Teapot Dome scandal during the Harding administration?
  14. Where was the first commercial radio station to broadcast located in the United States?
  15. What did “associationism” mean to Herbert Hoover?
  16. What was the Scopes trial of 1925 a legal battle between?
  17. How was the American Communist Party impacted after the Soviet Union signed a non-aggression pact with Nazi Germany in 1939?
  18. The largest Japanese American and Chinese American populations were located in California during the Great Depression.
  19. Which group was the most important within the Popular Front?
  20. What was the “Dust Bowl” in the 1930s?
  21. What was the response of many Mexican Americans to the Great Depression?
  22. What factor(s) led to the Great Depression?
  23. What did Franklin Roosevelt’s promise of a “new deal” for America include a commitment to?
  24. What was the effect of President Franklin Roosevelt’s proposal to “pack” the Supreme Court?
  25. Who did the Works Progress Administration provide federal assistance?
  26. The National Recovery Administration was a failure.
  27. What changed in the industrial union movement in the 1930s?
  28. What was one long-term consequence of the New Deal?
  29. What did the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933 establish?
  30. What did President Franklin Roosevelt do two days after he took office in 1933?

HIUS 222 Quiz 5

  1. Where did the United States drop the first atomic bomb?
  2. What were kamikazes?
  3. Where did allied troops invade France on D-Day, June 6, 1944?
  4. Why was the overall commander of allied forces in Operations Torch and Overlord?
  5. Which 1942 battle was the turning point in the Pacific theatre of World War II?
  6. Where did Mr. Wright receive his basic training?
  7. Above all else, what gave Mr. Wright the strength and endurance to carry on in combat and endure the long recovery process?
  8. Where was Mr. Wright wounded in combat?
  9. What was the significance of the 1940 election?
  10. According to your textbook, what best describes the Kellogg-Briand Pact of 1928?
  11. Which nation did not sign the Five-Power Pact of 1922?
  12. Who was included in the Tripartite Pact alliance?
  13. What was the purpose of the Neutrality Act of 1937?
  14. What did the 1941 Atlantic Charter signify?
  15. What best describes fascism?
  16. Hideki Tojo was the prime minister of Japan at the time of the Pearl Harbor attack.
  17. What did President Harry Truman do prior to ordering the use of an atomic bomb against Japan?
  18. What is true about the D-Day invasion?
  19. In the battle of Stalingrad, Hitler successfully took the city with very few casualties.
  20. According to your textbook, what is most notable about the 1944 Battle of Leyte Gulf?
  21. What is significant about the internment of Japanese Americans by the United States government in 1942?
  22. What is the significance of the Battle of Coral Sea in 1942?
  23. What is the significance of the Battle of the Bulge?
  24. What was the stance of the U.S. military regarding race during World War II?
  25. What occurred at the Battle of Midway in 1942?

HIUS 222 Quiz 6

  1. How many tons of supplies did the allies provide to West Berliners during the Soviet blockade?
  2. What did Joseph McCarthy argue in 1950?
  3. During the Cuban missile crisis, what policy did the United States follow?
  4. William Levitt built lower-priced homes that stimulated the growth of suburbs.
  5. Roughly 60% of Americans were in the middle class by 1950.
  6. While they received technical aid from the Chinese and the Russians, North Koreans piloted most of the fighter plane missions for its side in the Korean War.
  7. Which of the following fighter planes in the Korean War was the smallest and most nimble?
  8. What occurred as a result of the 1946 elections?
  9. What is true about the majority of working women following World War II?
  10. Which statements best describe the Truman Doctrine?
  11. As a result of the Korean War, the American public believed there was something wrong with the United States.
  12. What did the 1950 National Security Council report known as NSC-68 state?
  13. Why did President Harry Truman relieve General Douglas MacArthur of command in 1951?
  14. How did the Eisenhower administration respond to Fidel Castro’s coming to power in Cuba?
  15. What did the United States announce it would do under John Foster Dulles’s policy of “massive retaliation” in 1954?
  16. The percentage of the population living in poverty between 1950 and 1960 rose during this decade.
  17. What best describes the “baby boom” in the United States between 1945 and 1960?
  18. What did President Dwight Eisenhower warn against the dangers of in his farewell address to the nation?
  19. What was the growth of American consumerism aided by between 1945 and 1957?
  20. What was the Marshall Plan and how successful was it?

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