Get Solved Liberty University OBST 640 Quiz 3

Get Solved Liberty University OBST 640 Quiz 3



  • According to Kitchens, the war reports of Josh. 10-11 contain many names that were “made up” and which have no corresponding name type in the historical records.
  • According to Judges 1, the battle against the Canaanites had already been completed at the death of Joshua.
  • According to Seibert, some Old Testament narratives were written to provide explanations for Israel’s national failures and disasters.
  • According to Joshua 11:18, Joshua’s victory over those kings was very quick.
  • According to Kitchens, the book of Joshua describes a total Hebrew conquest and occupation of Canaan.
  • According to Judges 1, Judah was the first to go up against the Canaanites.
  • According to Millard, the biblical texts make it plain that the Israelites did not have a distinctive material culture of their own. The distinction between the Israelites and the Canaanites and other nations lie in their behavior and their attitudes to God and to other people rather than their houses, their tableware, their dress, or their language.
  • According to Seibert, a reason for writing the OT narratives was to keep the ruling elite in power and to promote their policies as was a common practice in the ancient world.
  • According to Millard, critics of the biblical narrative believe that since none of the archaeological remains demonstrate anything new entering the population of Canaan about 1200 BC, the biblical narratives about the conquest and settlement of Canaan are unhistorical.
  • According to Joshua 11:10, Hazor was formerly the head of all those kingdoms.

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