Get Solved Liberty University SOWK 250 Quiz 4

Get Solved Liberty University SOWK 250 Quiz 4



  1. We must come to appreciate the fine line between ________ that build empathy and _______, the ability to adapt despite threatening circumstances and those that appear _______ but whose frivolity is actually draining rather than replenishing.
  2. What is the essential component of all self-care strategies:
  3. Think ______, in order to bring significant ________.
  4. Which of the following is not described as a ‘care’ component?
  5. If at first you don’t succeed ___________
  6. Which of the following is an aspect f organization that fosters wellness?
  7. According to the book Managing the Risk of Workplace Stress, there is described a framework for stress intervention. Which of the following is not a step:
  8. What is the heart and core that social workers bring to work and offer to our clients?
  9. Which authors described well-being as “a person’s emotional and psychological capacity to cope with demands across time, circumstances and setting”.
  10. We as individuals must judge our self-care activities first and foremost.

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