Get Solved LIFC 304 Quiz 3

Get Solved LIFC 304 Quiz 3

LIFC 304 Quiz 3: Change, Transition, and Leadership Issues
  1. We are living in a culture that is characterized by complete responsibility.
  2. In every speculum, there has been a major secular crisis that rearranged the outer world of power and politics.
  3. Which of the following is not characteristic of victim mentality?
  4. Generation Y is looking for authentic relationships.
  5. Cultural Competency includes:
  6. In order to show unconditional positive regard, a coach must choose to do the following. Which is incorrect?
  7. The example of Frodo and Sam from “Lord of the Rings” can teach one to be a victor by utilizing the following. Which one is incorrect?
  8. In understanding Generation Y, it is important to know all of the following:
  9. Whatever we believe to be true is what we try not to do.
  10. It is important as a leader to know your own personal skills, mission, and purpose.
  11. Concepts of time can be defined as the following:
  12. The following are some components of cultural competency. Which is incorrect?
  13. A coach’s role in serving multiple generations is to:
  14. A coach cannot be culturally isolated and uninformed if he/she wishes to successfully help others.
  15. Ecclesiastes 3 explains:
  16. Life is not about what happens to it but it’s about how we react to what happens.
  17. A coach’s job is to:
  18. God has called us to live in times of tension.
  19. Which is a true definition of “Social Generation”?
  20. As coaches, it is important to be the motivator and encouragers in the life of our clients.
  21. The issue of TIME creates all of the following:
  22. A coach must engage the culture and try to change it as best as he/she can.
  23. Every generation is different and has been shaped by what was happening in the world before they “came of age” (18-25 years).
  24. The time span of a normal human life is currently.
  25. Which of the following is characteristic of a victor mentality?

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