Get Solved PLST 340 Quiz 1

Get Solved PLST 340 Quiz 1

  1. Bonnie and John were unable to have children of their own because Bonnie did not produce eggs. They decided to enter a surrogacy agreement with Amy and a child was born using John’s sperm and Amy’s egg. After the child was born, Amy decided she wanted to keep the baby. If the court resolving the surrogacy dispute holds that the woman who provides the egg should be regarded as the child’s legal mother, it is using a/an
  2. Hans sought and was granted an annulment of his marriage to Heidi six months ago. Because the court did not order either spousal support or property division, Heidi has decided to le for a divorce so these matters can be resolved. If she does, Hans will answer and most likely raise which of the following defenses?
  3. Suzi and Jack were married for ten years and separated in the spring of 2006. They had lived in Illinois for the entire time they were married, and Jack still lives there where he has always lived and worked. He has an auto repair shop. Suzi moved to North Carolina with the children and is now living there with a man she hopes to marry after her divorce from Jack is real. She has led for divorce, custody, and property division in North Carolina in the appropriate court, and John was personally served with the papers in Illinois. His attorney will likely promptly le which of the following?
  4. Which of the following would least likely constitute a conflict of interest for a family law paralegal?
  5. Which of the following provides the best description of the sequence of stages in the divorce process?
  6. Which of the following statements is TRUE with respect to genetic testing in parentage cases?
  7. Which of the following statements regarding consent is not accurate?
  8. Which of the following is a ground for annulment relating to intent to marry?
  9. Geri and Rob are 25 years old and live in a state that recognizes and permits common-law marriages. However, they wanted to secretly “officially” marry in a ceremony. They met the requirements for marriage, obtained a marriage license, and were married by a friend “ordained” in an online religious organization recognized by their state. They lived together but never consummated their marriage or held themselves out to others as husband and wife. Which of the following best describes their marital status?
  10. A marriage may be voidable rather than void in all BUT which one of the following situations?
  11. Family law has undergone a transformation over the past forty years that includes all BUT which one of the following?
  12. A paralegal may do all but one of the following:
  13. Gary has been told by his lawyer that he is the putative father of his ex-girlfriend’s son. What is a “putative father?”
  14. In 1950, Jaclyn married Norman believing that her first husband, John, had died during World War II. She and Norman lived happily together for more than fty years at which time Jaclyn learned that John had been injured and lost his memory during the War. Before recovering his memory, John married Georgina. Jaclyn, Norman, John, and Georgina are all still alive. Both couples have had children. Which of the following statements is accurate?
  15. Marisol and her boyfriend have been dating for more than three years and intend to get married in the near future. Marisol just gave birth to their son, Michael, and they are both eager to accept their parental responsibilities and raise their child together. Which of the following is the easiest and most appropriate way for them to establish Michael’s legal parentage?
  16. Harv (age 42) and Jack (age 40) have lived together for 15 years after graduating from college. They co-own a condominium where they live and they share all of their living expenses. They have both joint and individual bank accounts. They are monogamous intimate partners and are emotionally committed to each other. They represent themselves to their friends as spouses. All BUT which one of the following statements is true with respect to their relationship?
  17. Gary is the unwed father of a baby boy born two years ago. He just learned about the pending adoption of his son and wants to exercise his parental rights and responsibilities and object to the adoption. Which of the following best describes his rights in this situation?
  18. Which one of the following statements about putative father registries is TRUE?
  19. As of spring 2012, states can prevent which of the following persons from marrying?
  20. Which of the following establishes legal parentage by means of a judicial decision?
  21. Jon has been the only father that Brian has ever known in his five years of life. He has raised him since birth as his son and wants to continue to do so. They have a very close bond and Brian calls him “Daddy.” Recently, DNA tests have proved that another man is Brian’s biological father and Jon is afraid that he will lose Brian who is presently in his custody. He has contacted a lawyer who is most likely to tell him all BUT which one of the following?
  22. “Biology-plus” is the test used to determine
  23. A restriction on the marriage of persons who are closely related by marriage involves an issue of
  24. Which of the following has NOT been deemed a fraud that “goes to the essentials of marriage?”
  25. Three years ago, John and Amy adopted a daughter, Morgan. On all of the paperwork related to the adoption, including papers led by the court, John identified himself as Amy’s husband. Now he is seeking an annulment on the ground that he lacked the capacity to marry because he was on heavy medication at the time of the marriage and was “not in his right mind.” Because he earlier acknowledged the validity of the marriage to the court in a legal proceeding, his wife claims the court should not allow him to deny the marriage now. Which of the following defenses is she raising?
  26. Which of the following best describes the marital presumption?
  27. Liza and Hank have been living together for more than twenty years. Their relationship has been very rocky the whole time but has become especially intolerable in the last ve years. Hank’s drinking begins in the morning and ends at night when he passes out, usually after hitting Liza several times during the day. It got so bad six months ago that Liza threw him out of their apartment and he is now living in his own place. Liza has decided to le for divorce on no-fault grounds. Which of the following grounds is she most likely to choose, assuming it is an available ground in her jurisdiction?
  28. Which of the following is NOT an example of paternity fraud?
  29. Walter has just told his mother that his old girlfriend is going around telling people that he is the father of her baby and that she will “make him pay.” Her father tells his twenty-year-old daughter not to worry – he will le action on her behalf because she is living in his household. All BUT which one of the following is a true statement given these circumstances?
  30. In which of the following situations would the parties’ marriage most likely be considered void?

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