Get Solved PSYC 305 Quiz 3

Get Solved PSYC 305 Quiz 3

  1. It has been suggested that clinicians tend to
  2. Reina, a heroin addict, states, “I only started using because of my boyfriend.” Reina is most likely engaging in the defense mechanism of
  3. A SPECT scan can show:
  4. Humans work to
  5. All the variations of the psychoanalytic school of thought hold that there is an _________ that paves the way for the development of an addiction.
  6. With the growth of addiction
  7. During “euphoric recall,” the person may
  8. The _________model says that addictive patterns are learned through positive and negative reinforcement.
  9. The theologian and the scientist
  10. Although individual self-awareness offers the chance for self-determination, it also brings
  11. According to Doweiko, scientists tend to
  12. The opposite of false pride is _______, according to Doweiko.
  13. Which is an advantage created by Jellinek’s disease model?
  14. Who did the pioneering work in attachment theory during the mid-twentieth century?
  15. One flaw in the “addictive personality” theory is that
  16. Making excuses in an attempt to justify addictive behavior is called ____________.
  17. The belief that addictions are a weakness in character reflects the _______ model.
  18. Which of these purports that the brain’s neural pathways are constantly rewiring themselves in response to environmental changes?
  19. Physicians often claim that, because of “neuroplasticity,” addictions are brain diseases. In reality
  20. According to Doweiko, one of the forces that help to define happiness is
  21. Based on brain scans, men who watch pornography:
  22. Greta feels anxious and frustrated. She is beginning to see that if she has a number of alcoholic drinks, she feels better. Greta is most likely in which stage of alcohol addiction?
  23. The brain’s first line of defense against stress is _____________.
  24. Doweiko stresses that a person with a SUD will engage in various ___________ to support their addiction.
  25. According to attachment theory, ________________ shape adult attachment style.

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