Get Solved TRMA 810 Discussion Board Forums

Get Solved TRMA 810 Discussion Board Forums

*All four discussion boards (Discussion 1, 2, 3, and 4) are included. 

The goal of the discussion board forums in this course is to engage in an enjoyable, meaningful, and academically thought-provoking conversation simulating a classroom environment. The student will participate in four discussion board forums. For each forum, the student is required to create a 400–450-word thread addressing a specific topic. In addition, he/she must respond to the threads of at least two classmates with 250–300-word replies. The original thread must fully address the assigned topic, incorporate relevant ideas from the course texts, as well as at least two relevant journal articles, must articulate course-related knowledge, and demonstrate critical reflection. In the replies, the student must extend the discussion by analyzing and building upon peers’ threads, asking relevant questions as needed. Each reply must incorporate at least one scholarly reference. The student is also required to briefly respond to all classmates who replied to his/her original thread as well as to any questions or comments from the instructor. All assertions must be supported by in-text references in the current APA format. The use of the first person is appropriate. Threads and replies must be well-written, well-organized, and focused. The original thread is worth 50 points and the replies 25.

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