Purchase Solved APOL 220 Quiz Making a Case

Purchase Solved APOL 220 Quiz Making a Case

  1. The worship of a crucified and resurrected Messiah was scandalous within the first-century world and calls for an explanation.
  2. Which of the following inquiries about the disciples substantiate the story of the resurrection?
  3. Regarding morality, the authors explicitly state that science does not provide this.
  4. Apologetics at the Cross calls the church to:
  5. The gut reaction to the extreme violence the Bosnian Serb armed forces used against the Bosnian Muslims in the 1995 Srebrenica massacre reminds us that morality is
  6. Possible skeptical explanations for miracles include that people are lying, hallucinating, or merely wishing to experience one.
  7. According to the authors, currently, there is far more of a consensus among scientists than one might expect that the universe had a beginning.
  8. When thinking about miracles, which point(s) below is valid?
  9. Which ancient historian provides Christianity with historical evidence for the persecution of early Christians?
  10. Who is quoted as saying “The eternal mystery of the world is its comprehensibility . . . the fact that it is comprehensible is a miracle”?
  11. The unlikely discipleship of Paul and James provides us with a good reason to believe the resurrection happened.
  12. Only shallow truths can be proven absolutely; the deepest answers of life are beyond absolute proof.
  13. According to Luc Ferry, the materialist’s position on morality falls apart when:
  14. Various philosophers have argued that, in fact, if naturalism and evolution are both true, “our cognitive faculties would very likely not be reliable.”
  15. Due to a lack of evidence, many New Testament scholars today agree that Jesus did not die at the hands of the Romans by crucifixion.
  16. The authors note that sociologists have increasingly emphasized that religion is.
  17. As Christians living in the late modern era, it would be proper to simply give an unbeliever logical arguments for Christianity.
  18. The work of scholars, such as N. T. Wright, has shown that the resurrection of Jesus was a(n) _________ notion with first-century Greeks.
  19. Which of the following statements accurately evaluates scientific approaches to morality?
  20. Many Jews looked forward to a future ________ bodily resurrection.
  21. Which of the following considerations pushed science towards to idea that the universe had an origin, and away from the idea that the universe is eternal?
  22. Both natural laws and divine miracles have a common source: the Creator.
  23. According to Alister McGrath, the best way to break the spell of a closed world system is best done by rational argument instead of an imaginatively compelling alternative.
  24. We are all acting, thinking, and feeling out of backgrounds and frameworks which we do not fully understand.
  25. The responses to defeaters and arguments for Christianity are in some cases able to be abstracted from genuine discipleship and worship of the church.

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