Purchase Solved Ashford ECO 203 Week 3 Quiz

Purchase Solved Ashford ECO 203 Week 3 Quiz


The current quantity theory of money holds that, in the long run, the level of output is __________.

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 would not be considered discretionary fiscal policy because the changes were not __________.

In the simple Keynesian model, if the output exceeds aggregate expenditure (AE), then __________.

The __________ deficit is the part of a deficit that would persist even if the economy were at the full-employment level.

When aggregate planned expenditure is less than full-employment aggregate output in the presence of full employment, there is __________.

Regarding aggregate demand and aggregate supply, the Keynesian model assumes a(n) __________.

According to classical economists, the proper macroeconomic role of government is __________.

As a classical economist, Cyril supports the concept that the economy tends toward full employment of resources due to __________.

Lamont is a Keynesian economist. Accordingly, Lamont would most likely believe that the demand for money is __________.

According to the equation of exchange, if the money supply is $500 and the velocity of money is 3.5, then total spending equals __________.


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