Purchase Solved CEFS 601 Quiz Postmodernism

Purchase Solved CEFS 601 Quiz Postmodernism

CEFS 601 Quiz: Postmodernism, Social Constructivism, Psychoeducational Family Therapy

  1. Hudson and O’Hanlon, using brief marital therapy, help couples recognize that
  2. Postmodern therapists are apt to be
  3. The “miracle question” allows clients to
  4. Therapists influenced by postmodern thought help their clients
  5. Social constructionists therapies
  6. Scaling questions
  7. Within the Social Constructionist discussion, Tom Anderson used reflecting teams and made use of the ____________ in the therapeutic sessions.
  8. The family therapist primarily identified with solution-focused brief therapy is
  9. A major goal of the linguistic approach is
  10. According to narrative therapy, a comprehensive understanding of a person calls for
  11. Deconstruction, according to narrative therapists, refers to disassembling
  12. Narrative therapists believe we attempt to make sense of our lives through
  13. A common goal of narrative therapy is
  14. White’s style of questioning is directed at all except one of the following. Which one?
  15. Redundancy letters refer to
  16. Narrative therapists encourage clients to tell and retell their preferred stories. This is called
  17. Outside witness groups or reflecting teams
  18. Unique outcomes pertain to
  19. The authors contend that narrative therapy emerged from
  20. Which of the following statements is true?
  21. In externalizing conversations, narrative therapists try to help clients
  22. The medical family therapy model addresses the complex interface between family health and
  23. In treating major psychoses, psychoeducation for families is now seen as essential, along with
  24. Visher and Visher developed The Stepfamily Foundation. From the list below what do they provide for newly developed stepfamilies?
  25. One in four remarriages today involves
  26. In short-term educational programs, the therapist is more of
  27. Psychoeducational programs are intended to help which of the following?
  28. Relationship Enhancement programs provide training in all but one of the following
  29. Treating AIDS, family therapists can
  30. According to Anderson, Reiss, and Hogarty, recovering hospitalized schizophrenics:
  31. Survival skills workshops are psychoeducational programs directed at
  32. Medical family therapy tends to
  33. Psychoeducational programs emphasize all except one of the following. Which does not belong?
  34. Perhaps the most common grounds for a malpractice suit is
  35. The emergence of managed care has
  36. A legal exception to confidentiality maintenance occurs in the case of
  37. Managed care plans require
  38. Mandating that certain courses be taken before license renewal is called
  39. Clients need to be told of the possible risks before commencing treatment. This is an example of
  40. In a managed care setup, therapists are usually referred to as
  41. Defrauding insurance carriers is likely to be met with __________ level sanction by the APA.
  42. Which of the following could bring a suit for malpractice?
  43. In the case of detected child abuse, the therapist should
  44. Which of the following is a true statement?
  45. “Family therapy may be hazardous to your health.” This statement points to the fact that

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