Purchase Solved CHHI 520 Quiz Fifth to Ninth Century

Purchase Solved CHHI 520 Quiz Fifth to Ninth Century

  • In the fifth century, ______ encouraged the increasing prominence of the Roman papacy.
  • At the Council of Orange in 529, ______.
  • The strategies of seventh and eighth century Anglo Saxon missionaries included
  • In 496, the Frankish King Clovis ______.
  • The Syrian missionary monk Alopen ______.
  • Pope Gregory I introduced his Gregorian chants into sixth and seventh century worship services.
  • Augustine’s City of God ______.
  • Benedict’s spiritual disciplines included ______.
  • Cassiodorus’s Institutes of Divine and Secular Readings ______.
  • Ulfilas ______.
  • “Give what you command, and command what you will” was written by ______.
  • In his response to Pelagius, Augustine argued that ______.
  • Cyril and Methodius ______.
  • Who said, “Special care must be taken that we hold to that which has been believed, everywhere, always, and by all”?
  • Patrick was the first missionary to the Irish.
  • The Alexandrian theologians ______.
  • In 410, Alaric the Goth ______.
  • Nestorius ______.
  • The Council of Chalcedon of 451 confirmed that ______.
  • Sixth-century mission work to England was inspired by ______.
  • Pelagius taught that a person can live without sin and observe all the commands of God.
  • Benedict of Nursia’s monastic Rule was notable for its emphasis on ______.
  • The greatest theologian and scholar of seventh and eighth century England was
  • Bishop Leo of Rome influenced the Council of Chalcedon of 451 through ______.
  • In Augustine’s Confessions, Books 11 – 13, he ______.

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