Purchase Solved CHPL 500 Quiz Chaplain Foundations

Purchase Solved CHPL 500 Quiz Chaplain Foundations

  1. I did the required reading
  2. I watched the required videos
  3. The Union Army chaplains were overwhelmingly ________.
  4. Confederate Congress initially authorized the appointment of chaplains without any stipulations as to their
  5. In the winter of 1863-1864 at “the Great Revival,” what percentage of men in the Army of Northern Virginia underwent religious conversion?
  6. Who illustrated the chaplain’s ability to enhance the fighting spirit of their soldiers by climbing onto an exposed boulder and providing absolution during the Battle of Gettysburg?
  7. According to chaplain Frederic Denison, many chaplains were unable to complete their duties, disoriented, and separated from their units during the battle of Second Bull Run. This confusion was caused by what?
  8. German chaplains developed a range of strategies to promote a manly image to win the respect of soldiers.
  9. According to Dr. Keith in the video Legitimacy of WWII German Chaplains, there were over _____ chaplains within the Nazi Regime.
  10. Approximately ____ chaplains served in the Union Army during the four years of the Civil War
  11. Which period marked the professionalization of American chaplaincy?
  12. According to The Military Chaplaincy websitehospital chaplains began serving in an official capacity during which war?
  13. Initially, Union Chaplains were indistinguishable from civilian clergy.
  14. The presence of a German chaplain at sites of mass killings in Poland, Yugoslavia, Greece, and Ukraine
  15. Civil war chaplains had concrete guidance on which of the following?
  16. According to the video Civil War Chaplains by Dr. Brinsfield, what did Congress mandate in July 1861 in regard to chaplains?
  17. Chaplains were seen as legitimizing Nazi Warefare by showing intense loyalty to their nation’s cause.
  18. Clifford Geertz (1926-2006), an anthropologist, reasoned that the principal responsibility of the Civil War chaplain was
  19. According to the video Civil War Camp Revivals by Dr. Brinsfield, Where was the first significant revival started by Marshall and Nelson?
  20. Some Wehrmacht chaplains were Nazis.
  21. What influenced a religious awakening and revival amongst northern soldiers in New York City in September of 1857?
  22. In order to ensure the best fighting force possible, German military leadership determined that chaplains should be
  23. When the war began, chaplains were viewed as __________ compared to other men who served in the military.
  24. In an effort to promote committed religious faith, J. William Jones cultivated the idea of ___________ to relate to the culture of the South.
  25. In the opening months of the Great War, in defiance of the British army regulations, what did Canadian Chaplains do?
  26. August Hermann Francke wrote a letter to King Frederick William I, enabling chaplains to participate in war. What did the letter state?
  27. Francke desired to build the kingdom of God by _______________, of which Prussian chaplains would play a role.
  28. According to Dr. Brinsefield, how many chaplains served in both the Union and Confederate Armies?
  29. In 1933, Hitler handpicked former military chaplain _____________ as the first leader of the United German Protestant Church.
  30. According to the video Civil War Chaplains by Dr. Brinsfield, while not receiving a commission, who was the first woman chaplain that served the 1st Wisconsin Heavy Artillery for a year?
  31. In 1933 with the rise of Hitler, Tillich, a WWI chaplain, lost his professorship at the _______ and emigrated to ________ because of his support of religious pacifism.
  32. What did Commander Julian Byng authorize on the eve of the Somme campaign in 1916?
  33. According to the website The Military Chaplaincy, the military chaplain is first and foremost a clergyman, not an officer.
  34. In order to evangelize the thousands of young men entering the Union army in 1861, leaders from Protestant denominations created which organization?
  35. According to Foundations of American Chaplaincy 1607-1865, the historical foundation of military chaplaincy is best understood to begin when?
  36. The Luftwaffe and SS had _____ chaplains assigned to their units.
  37. The German variety of the Great Awakening is called ______________.
  38. The Prussian king hoped to lower the number of desertions through the help of
  39. In the fall of 1918, German Protestant churches, similarly to military chaplains, experienced
  40. Prospective Wehrmacht chaplains required clearance from military, church, and Gestapo offices in an effort to keep out potential troublemakers.
  41. According to the website The Wehrmacht Chaplaincy, German Christians preached a manly, aggressive religiosity that was intended to attract groups estranged from church life such as young people and men in uniform. Who did the German Christian see as an embodiment of this masculine Christianity?
  42. Who was the first African American chaplain assigned to a regular US Regiment?
  43. When Canadian Chaplains returned home in 1919 from the fast-paced and chaotic war, the drastic change to ______ caused them to be disillusioned.
  44. Civil War chaplains were so consumed by the politics of the war that they were more concerned with seeing the enemy killed than winning souls.
  45. Hitler and his inner circle expressed their contempt for Christianity, however
  46. According to the video Chaplains at Gettysburg by Dr. Brinsfield, chaplains helped set up how many hospitals and aid stations during the battle of Gettysburg?
  47. During WWI, the German Protestant churches _____________.
  48. The army was not an appropriate place for Revivals because of all the bloodshed.
  49. According to the video Civil War Chaplains by Dr. Brinsfield, the Civil War had more chaplains than any war until WWI with ______ chaplains in both the Union and Confederate Armies.
  50. According to the video Foundations of American Chaplaincy 1607-1865, who was recorded as the first chaplain in 1637 who went with the militia to battle the Indians?

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