Purchase Solved CJUS 420 Quiz Criminal Investigation

Purchase Solved CJUS 420 Quiz Criminal Investigation

  1. Because definitions of crimes and their penalties vary considerably depending on where they occur, investigators must be familiar with:
  2. What four elements are included in protection against lawsuits?
  3. Criminal investigation is a reconstructive process that uses _______________ reasoning, which is a logical process in which a conclusion follows from specific facts.
  4. The use of a siren or emergency lights in response to a crime scene by patrol officers or investigators may depend on the information furnished or may be dictated by department policy.
  5. What is the difference between crime mapping and location intelligence?
  6. What sanctions are led to by leaving out exculpatory evidence?
  7. What is the role of medical examiners and coroners?
  8. After having dealt with any emergency, what is the first and most important function of a first responder?
  9. The Violent Criminal Apprehension Program (ViCAP) mission is to facilitate cooperation, communication, and coordination among law enforcement agencies and provide support in their efforts to investigate, identify, track, apprehend, and prosecute violent serial offenders.
  10. Crime mapping focuses on:
  11. According to the text, most cases that are lost are lost during which part of the investigation?
  12. Scientific evidence supports the belief that eyewitness identification is very credible, reliable, and responsible for solving many crimes.
  13. Inquiries to the police from the defense counsel about a case should be referred to the prosecutor’s office.
  14. What is the definition of an “investigation”?
  15. DNA was first used in a criminal case in England to prove the innocence of a defendant in the year
  16. A criminal’s modus operandi involves the details of:
  17. A basic forensic theory that holds that objects that come in contact with each other always transfer material, however minute, to each other is referred to as Locard’s principle of exchange.
  18. Medical examiners and coroners (ME/C) have the authority to investigate deaths and determine whether they were:
  19. Investigators can use _______________
    tests to develop and lift fingerprints; discover flammable substances through vapor and fluid examination; detect drugs, explosive substances on hands or clothing, imprints of firearms on hands or bullet-hole residue; and conduct many other tests.
  20. The motto of the Pinkerton National Detective Agency was, “We never .”
  21. One of the goals of criminal investigations is to present the best possible case to the _______________.
  22. What are several ways to implement AVL/GPS technology in police work? In your answer, define AVL and GPS and describe their use.
  23. Discuss the advantage of geographic profiling in a criminal investigation. Include a definition of the phrase “least effort” in your discussion.
  24. Community policing is a true philosophical shift rather than simply a program or set of programs.
  25. The acronym “MO” means _______________.
  26. An inference is a(n):
  27. A logical process of investigation includes:
  28. The media has a constitutional right to enter any crime scene to which the general public does not have access.
  29. Today the majority of law enforcement agencies use some degree of geographic information systems (GIS s) or mapping technology to locate callers and to provide first responders with critical information before arriving on the scene.
  30. Securing the crime scene is a major responsibility of the:
  31. Critical aspects of a successful investigation include thorough planning and preparation, efficient information management, a focus on effective communication, and a(n):
  32. Edward Henry developed a(n) _______________ that was adopted throughout England in 1900.
  33. What are the officer’s responsibilities during the preliminary investigation?
  34. Clarify the role and relationship investigators should have with the media, and explain why this role is necessary.
  35. According to the text, when both the public and other professionals within the justice system have unrealistic expectations of investigators’ abilities, law enforcement agencies are said to be suffering from
  36. The best investigators follow their hunches, follow leads as they come in, and attack cases with a random approach so as not to miss an important clue.
  37. What type of response time is necessary to increase the probability of arrest at the scene?
  38. Determining the _______________ is more important than obtaining a conviction or closing a case.
  39. Which process helps detectives use maps to understand the hunting patterns of serial criminals, to determine where they might live, and to identify their next likely target?
  40. What are some characteristics of effective investigators?
  41. During a preliminary investigation, an officer should determine if a crime has been committed or if the case is a ______________ matter.
  42. Which statement is one of the components of CompStat?
  43. “Latent examination” refers to specialists trained in recording, identifying, and interpreting the minutiae of physical evidence, who usually work at crime scenes and in a crime lab.
  44. Spontaneous statements uttered by a suspect at the time of a crime, concerning and closely related to actions involved in the crime, are referred to as what type of statements?
  45. Before any in-custody interrogation, an officer must read the Miranda warning to a suspect.
  46. In cases where officers were not able to complete the investigation, what may be required?
  47. DNA was discovered in 1968 in England.
  48. One of the reasons departments perceived a need for specialization is because of the need to know about criminals and their MOs.
  49. The initial contact with law enforcement in a criminal investigation is usually made between a citizen and a(n):
  50. To demonstrate national unity in criminal statutes using the Model Penal Code, shoplifting is a felony in a ll states.
  51. Criminals often leave _______________, which is less visible evidence such as fingerprints, small particles of glass or dirt, body hairs, or clothing fibers.
  52. What is the purpose of case screening?
  53. What are the major goals of a criminal investigation?
  54. The actions the first responders take at a crime scene have little to do with the significance of the evidence for investigators and prosecutors.
  55. Whose staff can provide information and advice to investigators about legal issues, search and seizure, warrants, confessions, and admissibility of evidence?
  56. As a police investigator, what is one of the best ways to avoid lawsuits or to defend oneself if sued?
  57. Community policing is a philosophy that addresses public safety issues (such as crime, social disorder, and fear of crime) by working through organizational strategies to support the systematic use of partnerships and problem-solving techniques.
  58. Res gestae statements are generally an exception to the _______________
    rule because they are usually very closely related to facts and are therefore admissible in court.
  59. At a death scene, what is of immediate concern?
  60. What legal statute states that anyone who acts under the authority of law and who violates another person s constitutional rights can be sued?
  61. Problem-oriented policing places a high value on new responses that are more:
  62. A fact is:
  63. Which Latin term means “to track” or “trace” and relates most closely to contemporary police investigations?
  64. Which term describes a logical process in which a conclusion follows from specific facts?
  65. It is more difficult to expand the perimeter of a crime scene than it is to make the crime scene smaller.
  66. Determining the optimal case assignment load, determining what factors are needed to solve crimes, and reducing the number of crimes assigned for investigations that cannot be solved are all ways to increase:
  67. In 1829 in England, Sir Henry Fielding gave birth to community policing when he stated, “The police are the public and the public are the police.”
  68. The act of sifting through the mountains of available information to find the data that pertains to an investigator’s case is referred to as:
  69. Which approach to case investigation involves using specialists in various fields from within a particular jurisdiction?
  70. CompStat is a word that means computer statistics or comparative statistics.

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