Purchase Solved CJUS 700 Quiz 8 Current State

Purchase Solved CJUS 700 Quiz 8 Current State

CJUS 700 Quiz: Current State of Criminological

Week 8

  1. Anomie is more likely to occur in societies that:
  2. Social disorganization and social organization are measured on a continuum; with social disorganization at one end and social organization at the other.
  3. Hirschi found that social bond theory only applies to Whites.
  4. A lagged effect means something happens:
  5. Cloward and Ohlin’s theory of strain identified 3 adaptations. These are:
  6. Developmental theories assume that criminal behavior is caused by the same factors over the entire lifespan.
  7. John Braithwaite indicates that there are two types of shaming. These are:
  8. Theories that focus on the punishment of offenders are labeled:
  9. Agnew’s general theory is not testable because the sheer number of variables could overwhelm a statistical package.
  10. The theory related to XYY chromosomes among males supports the belief that:
  11. What are the 5 clusters of Agnew’s General Theory? Define and give examples of each.
  12. Lombroso identified three major types of criminals. Name these criminal types, describe their purported features, and how they contributed to criminal behavior. What led to the demise of Lombroso’s categorization?

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