Purchase Solved COUC 506 Quiz 4

Purchase Solved COUC 506 Quiz 4

  1. When putting together your informed consent document for a client, what item should you include as part of that document?
  2. In the lecture, according to Ohlschlager, what are some of the most common legal or ethical pitfalls?
  3. The lectures talked about counseling ethics guiding how we directly confront clients about their From that lecture, what is a true statement?
  4. Which answer below is NOT one of the ethical concerns given regarding confrontation?
  5. From McMinn’s discussion on confrontation during counseling (as reviewed in the lecture), what is a true statement?
  6. Does McMinn emphasize that the counselor’s motivation needs to be examined as the counselor confronts the What is a true statement based on that discussion?
  7. From the lecture, there were several reasons why someone will have resistance to Which answer below is NOT one of those reasons?
  8. It is important that counselors help clients overcome resistance to legitimate Which of the following statements does NOT fit with the lecture emphasis?
  9. From the perspective of secular psychology, the concept of “sin” can best be described as
  10. The lectures distinguished the effects of “original sin” and “personal ” What is true from that discussion?
  11. The lectures talked about some important points with regard to What is a true statement from that discussion?
  12. When a Christian counselor looks at the role of sin in client problems, what is a true statement?
  13. From the lecture, in questioning yourself regarding ethical decision-making, which answer is NOT used?
  14. The lecture explained how psychology would accept the “concept of ” What is a true statement from that discussion?
  15. Which statement below is true concerning the “work of the Holy Spirit” in counseling?
  16. The lectures talked about attributional What is true from that discussion?
  17. Which answer below describes what should be on the professional disclosure statement to the client?
  18. Whether a client has a sense of conscience will be a clue to the client’s attributional
  19. Christian counseling would conclude that change can happen without confronting
  20. Clients with an internal attribution style would primarily seek counseling to feel better

about themselves, rather than confront and change their own problematic behavior.

  1. It is rarely helpful in counseling to confront a client about the client’s attribution
  2. As we consider “sin” as a factor in human problems and behavior, the perspective from psychology is that psychopathology, rather than a sinful nature, is the cause of emotional
  3. As we consider “sin” as a factor in human problems and behavior, the concept of external attribution would place the blame for human choices on the individual
  4. is probably the number one reason why people turn away from a belief in
  5. We are forced to conclude that God created us with the inherent need for:
  6. Does Gerald Egan list six action items counselors need to address as we seek to move our client toward value Which choice should be first?
  7. Our clients may present as wounded and withdrawn or perhaps as angry and self-
  8. A thorough and accurate assessment is essential in creating an effective treatment
  9. As counselors, we have received an invitation and a summons to join God in a unique, case-based form.
  10. Achieving genuine life change requires continued reflection with constant
  11. is where a relationship with God begins, and it is the sustaining force that empowers us to live for the one who paid the ultimate price for
  12. Before we begin the day, we can use our schedule of appointments as our prayer
  13. For our profession to thrive, we need to focus resources on professional development to keep Christian counseling grounded in the Scriptures and ineffective spirituality.

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