Purchase Solved EDAS 743 Action Research Project Final

Purchase Solved EDAS 743 Action Research Project Final

This assignment is required for all candidates. Licensure candidates may count hours completing this project as part of their required 50 field hours

The Action Research Project is the course benchmark assignment for EDUC 743. The assignment provides an opportunity for the candidate to role-play a district superintendent while conducting a research project in collaboration with a building principal or assistant principal. The action research follows an observation cycle design as the candidate and volunteer collaborate to (a) identify an area of professional development for the participating administrator related to the improvement of school function that ties to improving student achievement, (b) propose and implement an action strategy to improve the role of the principal or assistant principal as the building leader for student achievement, (c) evaluatively reflect on the progress of the plan and adjust implementation based on data gathered by the candidate during three field observations and post conferences, (d) evaluate the results as a foundation for further professional development of the volunteer, and (e) reevaluate. The span of this project covers six weeks of the course’s eight-week time period.

Final Project

The candidate will submit a finalized version of the project, completing each of the prescribed elements in the grading template.

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