Purchase Solved EDUC 750 Quiz Survey

Purchase Solved EDUC 750 Quiz Survey

EDUC 750 Quiz: Survey and Single Subject Design
  1. The most important question of a survey is:
  2. A series of questions that concern a common theme and have the same response choices are called _____ questions.
  3. According to the authors, which pretesting method identifies the greatest number of problems with questions?
  4. Which agency commissioned the 2000 National Survey of Science and Mathematics Education?
  5. The way questions are written, and the characteristics of the respondents can lead to:
  6. The below question illustrates a_____ question with a _____.
  7. Which type of survey has the strongest design?
  8. According to the authors, the only good question is a(n) _____question.
  9. Open-ended questions are useful when the researcher wants to learn as much as possible about a topic.
  10. When designing a questionnaire, the research objective is the basis for deciding what to include or exclude.
  11. One way a researcher can ensure that relevant questions are asked in a survey is to investigate questions suggested by prior researchers.
  12. In order to maintain confidentiality in survey research it is crucial that all surveys are completed anonymously.
  13. What occurs when scores are either increasing or decreasing during the baseline phase?
  14. The baseline phase is signified by the letter(s)____; whereas the treatment phase is signified by the letter(s)_____.
  15. In a study examining a third grader’s feelings of self-esteem in the classroom, the child’s level of self-esteem would likely be measured by:
  16. Which design only has an intervention phase?
  17. Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of single-subject design?
  18. Which principle is NOT involved in determining practical significance?
  19. Baseline measures should include at least _____ data point(s).
  20. Which type of pattern displays scores that fall in a narrow band?
  21. How are the baseline and treatment phase measurements displayed in single-subject designs?
  22. The more measures are taken in the single-subject design, the more certain you will be about a pattern.
  23. Multiple baseline designs can be implemented with one subject, with the same intervention applied to different, but related, problems and behaviors.
  24. A school is an example of a single-subject design.
  25. Rate, magnitude, and level are three concepts involved in visual analysis.

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