Purchase Solved EDUC 815 Quiz Instrumentation

Purchase Solved EDUC 815 Quiz Instrumentation


  1. The number of students who enter a classroom after the lesson has started is an example of
  2. The interpretation of an individual’s test score by comparing it to the scores earned by other individuals is referred to as
  3. A researcher records whether a particular student is on-task or off-task when the lesson begins, five minutes later, and every five minutes thereafter until the lesson is over. This procedure for recording observations is called
  4. Which of the following is a serious problem in using an anonymous questionnaire?
  5. a between reactive observation and nonreactive observation involves whether
  6. Audio or video recording is especially useful in observational research when
  7. One disadvantage of using standard observation forms to collect data is that
  8. Intra-observer reliability is a measure of the extent to which
  9. Observers who tend to rate most individuals at the high end of a scale are exhibiting
  10. It is essential that the cover letter for a questionnaire survey
  11. An advantage of questionnaires over interviews is that questionnaires
  12. A prespecified standard of performance is most important in
  13. Measuring the elapsed time after each target behavior occurs is referred to as
  14. Item analysis is a set of procedures used to
  15. The major advantage of closed-form questionnaire items over open-form questionnaire items is that closed-form items
  16. Calculation of the standard error of measurement allows researchers to determine
  17. Research has shown that when respondents receive questionnaires dealing with topics of great concern to them,
  18. In contrast to the use of performance tests in research, the use of self-report measures generally
  19. Which of the following is an example of an inferential observational variable?
  20. The extent to which a trained observer’s scores agree with those of an expert observer is a measure of

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