Purchase Solved EDUC 840 Quiz Digital

Purchase Solved EDUC 840 Quiz Digital

EDUC 840 Quiz: Digital Decision-Making & Student-Centric Learning

  1. According to Dr. Wimberley, traditional systems of schooling are centered around:
  2. According to Dr. Wimberley, what two things must happen for learning to occur?
  3. Concepts that cluster around 21st-century skills include:
  4. Match the 21st-century cluster learning skill with the example of process skill definition.
  5. Student-centric learning offers students a great deal of control of the classroom.
  6. What has caused teachers to be unprepared for teaching in the digital classroom?
  7. According to Dr. Wimberley, negotiated grades should be used in student-centric learning.
  8. According to the text, barriers to good technology use are made worse by:
  9. One ingredient for success in supporting teaching in transforming the way they teach is the tough love approach.
  10. Christensen’s video notes that disruption innovation or decentralization in education helps competitors get with each other to stay competitive and eventually drives costs down.

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