Purchase Solved EVAN 401 Quiz 2

Purchase Solved EVAN 401 Quiz 2

  1. Witnessing leads to godliness because the evangelist must live out the Gospel message he or she shares.
  2. In order to be humble, Billy Graham avoided boldness in his ministry.
  3. “Growing True Disciples” is the name of a book by George Barna.
  4. When an evangelist shares in the power of the Holy Spirit there will be no persecution.
  5. According to Billy Graham, living in Christ involves 4 major parts: the Bible, Prayer, Witnessing, and Church.
  6. The evangelist who was preaching when Billy Graham became a Christian was:
  7. Evangelists are commonly tempted by money and sex.
  8. Billy Graham’s Nagaland visit was especially dangerous because no one in the region was a Christian.
  9. Sterling Huston wants Christians to use the internet for evangelism, but he says that email doesn’t count.
  10. Post Modernism creates a huge chasm for the Gospel to cross.
  11. Lawrence New contends that the conversion of Cornelius was a Biblical example of Military evangelism.
  12. The Modesto Manifesto was written in a hotel room in California. (Drummond, 135)
  13. Stephen Olford wrote about having what kind of heart:
  14. Managing time and energy requires delegation.
  15. Before the crucifixion women were not included in the ministry of Jesus.
  16. Despite having a Christian family, Billy Graham’s life was dramatically changed when he became a believer.
  17. One of Billy Graham’s boldest trips was when he spoke in:
  18. When speaking in Ireland, Billy Graham asked that Catholics and Protestants be represented equally.
  19. How many points does the Amsterdam 2000 Covenant for Evangelists have?
  20. In evangelism, big groups are always better than small groups.
  21. Billy Graham led his parents to Christ.
  22. Mark Mittleberg’s analogy for evangelism is being contagious where the Gospel spreads from person to person.
  23. Jerry Bell said that evangelists don’t have money; God has money, and evangelists are only stewards.
  24. Since full-time evangelists serve God with their lives, they do not need to make pledges of conduct.
  25. Worship both honors God and transforms the person.


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