Purchase Solved GEOG 410 Quiz 1 Military Geography

Purchase Solved GEOG 410 Quiz 1 Military Geography


Quiz: Military Geography and the Land Domain

Module 1: Week 1.

  • Rivers can impede the ability of an offensive to project force unless they:
  • An example of a Physical factor would NOT consist of which of the following?
  • The thesis of this class is that physical geography is a function of culture.
  • The use of topography or terrain for the deployment of fires would include which of the following concepts?
  • Attempts at modifications of vegetative cover would include
  • Locations offering a military advantage would include which of the following?
  • The military geographer should consider the vertical on both land and sea such as:
  • Geology and Soils characteristics may include all BUT which of the following:
  • A Cultural Factor would include all BUT:
  • Vegetation is operationally important due to:
  • How might the deployment of forces reflect the realities of the physical and cultural environments?

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