Purchase Solved HIUS 316 Quiz Reform Movements

Purchase Solved HIUS 316 Quiz Reform Movements



  1. What popular ideology was closely connected with civil disobedience, pacifism, and non-resistance?
  2. What below was NOT true about William Lloyd Garrison?
  3. Garrison and his followers rejected war and all preparations for war. This led them to do what?
  4. Who below was a former slave who wrote about the horrors of slavery in an autobiography?
  5. Who was one of the first black women in America to speak publicly on political issues?
  6. Who was known for laying the groundwork for reform movements for the blind?
  7. What temperance movement was run by former alcoholics and was similar to Alcoholics Anonymous today?
  8. Who capitalized on Jacksonian Americans’ love of strange curiosities and confidence in pseudo-science by running the American Museum and then taking his show on the road in a circus?
  9. Most of the founders of the American Temperance Society came from which of the groups of people below?
  10. What was the “moral reform” movement?
  11. The abolitionist movement called for what?
  12. Early leaders of the abolitionist movement were often of which group?
  13. Abolitionists often sought a political solution to the problem of slavery as evidenced by the?
  14. What abolitionist pamphlet argued for violence if slaves were not freed?
  15. Who below fought for the role of women in the abolitionist movement?
  16. What abolitionist-leaning school did prominent abolitionist businessmen and brothers Arthur and Lewis Tappan found in Cincinnati?
  17. What was the Underground Railroad?
  18. What well-known center of scientific learning was founded after Charles Wilkes’ United States Exploring Expedition authorized by Andrew Jackson?
  19. Who founded the American Asylum, teaching sign language and lip reading as part of reform movements for the deaf?
  20. What was a popular and established medical treatment for a variety of ailments in the Jacksonian Era?
  21. Drawing on Dr. Roberts’ presentation “the Meaning of Equality and the Declaration,” explain how slavery became a political litmus test during the Jacksonian Era.

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