Purchase Solved HIWD 370 Reading Quiz 5

Purchase Solved HIWD 370 Reading Quiz 5

  1. The earliest known Neolithic inhabitants of Japan are known as the
  2. After establishing Constantinople as their new capital, the Ottomans went to war with the
  3. The “warring states era” in Japan led to the virtual destruction of Japan’s capital city of Kyoto.
  4. Known as “the way of the warrior,” the strict code of the Japanese retainer was called
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  6. The first Europeans to arrive in India were the Portuguese.
  7. Where did coffee originate?
  8. The so-called “seventeen-article constitution” involved
  9. Akbar was succeeded by his son and grandson, respectively
  10. The government under the rule of the shogun was known as the bakufu, or “tent government.”
  11. As the British extended their economic and military control over India, from the coastal cities to the inland regions,
  12. Ottoman expansion
  13. The Mughal literary masterpiece that served as a basis for a late 1980s Indian television series was the
  14. The Taika reforms, based on the Chinese model, were intended to make the Japanese government operate more efficiently.
  15. The majority of Shah Jahan’s subjects lived in dire poverty.
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  17. The sipahis were local cavalry elites.
  18. The essence of the “shogunate system” was that
  19. In 1739, Delhi was sacked by the
  20. Mughal architectural developments
  21. The Three Kingdoms of early Korea were
  22. What was true of Shinto?
  23. The class of hereditary slaves who performed degrading occupations in Japan was the
  24. The genin were
  25. After the introduction of Buddhism to Japan, women were
  26. Japanese poetry
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  28. Vietnam borrowed all of these elements of Chinese culture EXCEPT
  29. The Mughal rule of Akbar in India
  30. In the European competition for the control of India,
  31. The janissaries were recruited from
  32. When Mehmet II succeeded to the Ottoman throne, he was determined to capture
  33. In Vietnam.

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