Purchase Solved HIWD 376 Quiz 4-5-6

Purchase Solved HIWD 376 Quiz 4-5-6

HIWD 376 Quiz 4: The Crusades

  1. Which family took control of the Islamic Empire in 750, moving the capital and caliphate to Baghdad?
  2. The Byzantines were defeated by the Seljuk Turks at which strategic battle in 1071?
  3. According to the book and many modern crusade scholars, the motivating force behind people joining the crusades was:
  4. The earliest and largest military order of warrior-monks founded in the Holy Land was known as:
  5. The Fatimids were a powerful dynasty of Islamic rulers over which region?
  6. The Christian forces participated in crusades in all of the following areas EXCEPT:
  7. The term “Dar al-Islam” means?
  8. Which North African dynasty initiated the “Second Islamic Invasion of Spain” in 1089?
  9. The famed Church of the Holy Sepulchre may be found in what city?
  10. Which pope preached a sermon at Clermont in 1095 calling for a crusade to reclaim the Holy Land from the Muslims?

HIWD 376 Quiz 5: The Gunpowder Empires

  1. Who stopped the Mongol advance into India temporarily in 1206?
  2. The last Byzantine Emperor killed by the walls of Constantinople in 1453 was:
  3. What event stopped the Mongol advance into Europe?
  4. Which Christian alliance defeated the Ottomans at the naval Battle of Lepanto in 1571?
  5. Which treaty, signed in 1699 marked the end of the Ottoman Muslim advance into Europe?
  6. Also known as John III, which Polish king defeated the Ottomans at Vienna in 1683, liberating the city?
  7. By what year did the Ottomans control Thrace and Anatolia?
  8. The Mughal ruler who effectively introduced gunpowder technologies to his army and won every battle he fought was?
  9. The Janissaries and Sipahi were Ottoman ___________ &
  10. Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II used gunpowder technologies, including siege canons for the first time, to take what fortified city in 1453?

HIWD 376 Quiz 6: The GME and the Modern-Napoleon through WWII

  1. Which of the 1915-16 campaigns in WWI below are most accurate?
  2. A challenge to collective security in the GME after World War II that proved generally successful until the end of the USSR in 1991 was the US-backed:
  3. The Grand Strategy of the Axis included:
  4. The British in World War Two acted ^rst and more effectively utilized air power and allies against the operationally more capable Germans to secure Damascus and oil-rich areas of Iraq early in the war through the use of double envelopments from both Iraq and Palestine.
  5. Which of the operations below accurately reflects the actions of WWII in the correct chronological order?
  6. The US commitment to using force in the GME after World War Two in an effort to contain the USSR soon became known as the:
  7. Napoleon sought to enter the Greater Middle East (GME) with the intention of seizing ____ in an effort to cut off Britain from India:
  8. What event saw lines drawn on the map of the GME representing the carve-up of the Ottoman Empire by the victorious allies:
  9. America’s primary military contribution to Iran during World War II involved the:
  10. The British would eventually back off of their earlier commitments to the creation of a homeland for the Jewish people with the distribution of the:

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