Purchase Solved HSMF 687 Quiz Cultural and Relational Concerns

Purchase Solved HSMF 687 Quiz Cultural and Relational Concerns

Module 1: Week 1 – Module 2: Week 2

  1. The Department of Labor estimates that only ______ of private sector workers have access to paid family leave (maternity or paternity leave) through their employer.
  2. The lecturers talk about three multidimensional domains according to Berger, which of the following is not one of them?
  3. The hippocampus
  4. According to Abrams et al. (2019), Black women have mastered the art of portraying __________ while concealing ___
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  6. The _____________couple consists of two partners who both incorporate care and career into their family identity – there is symmetry with both female and male partners being invested in their career more so than the care of the family.
  7. Military women are ______ more likely to commit suicide than females with no prior active duty or reserve status.
  8. What number of chaplains are currently serving across all branches of the Armed Forces?
  9. refers to the cultural belief that centers on the importance of personal relationships, which is essential in building rapport with Latina clients.
  10. Women comprise approximately a third of MBA classes and 47% of the labor force but only ____ of Fortune 500 CEOs and _____ of top-earning leadership positions.
  11. According to the lectures, when a person’s God-given need for love and security has been blocked in a relationship with a dysfunctional person it is called.
  12. Advocacy is an important part of a counselor’s professional identity.
  13. The Gender Pay Gap no longer exists.
  14. According to Willard Harley, the two of the highest needs for a woman in a marriage relationship are affection and conversation, while for men it is sexual fulfillment and honesty.
  15. According to Joan Rollins, males have 10 times more testosterone than females.
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  17. Mom-Guilt is real. Counselors working with new moms can help them gain a healthy perspective.
  18. The “Sandwich Generation” refers to people whose energies are divided between caring for their own children and aging parents alike.
  19. True/False: Asian American women have the second highest rates of suicide among younger and older women when compared with other racial minority women.
  20. Adolescents are at a greater risk for negative social media influences due to their evolving developmental stage.
  21. Nishizawa, S. et al. (1997) noted that the serotonin synthesis rate was 52% higher in females than males and indicated this may relate to the higher incidence of major depression in females.
  22. True/False: In 2018, the CDC reported that the percentage of Non-Hispanic White women who reported sadness, hopelessness, and worthlessness was significantly greater than those reported by Non-Hispanic Black women.
  23. Identifying specific therapeutic interventions that are more effective than others has been difficult to prove in marital counseling.
  24. Azevedo et al. (2009) estimated there are 86 billion neurons and 85 billion non-neuronal cells in the brain.
  25. Narrative therapy focuses on a client’s perspective, her reality, her experiences, and the ways in which those experiences have shaped her thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.
  26. Self-esteem is largely developed during adolescence.
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  28. Despite the many positions within the U.S. Armed Forces within which women have been permitted to serve, they are not currently authorized to serve on submarines.

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