Purchase Solved Liberty University ARTS 214 Quiz 4 

Purchase Solved Liberty University ARTS 214 Quiz 4

  1. What company popularized home game consoles?
  2. The first filament that worked with some success was made of
  3. What Disney film was the first to have a female director?
  4. Nikola Tesla was the genius who discovered the current that we use in homes today.
  5. The first regularly scheduled television service was to locally owned TV sets
  6. What market was SEGA originally created for?
  7. What was the first computer-animated film to receive an Academy Award?
  8. What was the first personal computer that didn’t require assembly?
  9. What Disney film was the first to exceed $1 Billion in revenue?
  10. What was the first computer that didn’t require air-conditioning and more than one operator?
  11. The key to the success for the light bulb was the use of
  12. The first coast-to-coast color broadcast was
  13. The programming in the 1950s was very conservative, both with family values and a political bent.
  14. By 1971 television producers shifted their programming toward
  15. Menlo Park became the model for corporations, starting the Age of Laboratories
  16. Edison tested materials before finding a filament that worked.
  17. By 1950 there were over TV sets sold.
  18. Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz negotiated a first—the right to
  19. Very few under 30 watch broadcast television today.
  20. Edison waged a propaganda war against Tesla’s current by
  21. In America, computers were mainly the result of the government working with academia.
  22. Enough money was made to start Edison’s Menlo Park “Invention Factory” by selling the rights to the
  23. Who founded Pixar?
  24. The highest-rated show of all time is
  25. RKO, CBS, and NBC were doing experimental broadcasts by

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