Purchase Solved Liberty University ARTS 361 Quiz 3

Purchase Solved Liberty University ARTS 361 Quiz 3

  1. Using a wide-angle lens to photograph people is never a good idea unless it can’t be helped because of being in a tight, enclosed space.
  2. According to the textbook, a home lighting studio is not an affordable option for most photographers mainly because the lighting equipment is so expensive to purchase.
  3. It’s a good idea, as a portrait photographer, to book your outdoor environmental portrait sessions around the correct time of day or even season of the year depending upon the anticipation of when and where the sun will be shining at those times.
  4. Even though the camera has a menu option to shoot in grayscale, it’s always best to shoot a scene in full color and then make the conversion to black and white later in post-production.
  5. There are no set absolutes when it comes to lighting people for photographs, just some basic guidelines.
  6. Which of the five types of studio lighting is the most expensive to purchase?
  7. What focal length of the lens does the textbook mention is ideal for taking pictures of the interiors of buildings?
  8. What color is the typical reflector that is used to bounce light back into shadow areas in a portrait-type setting?
  9. Light coming from which direction will enhance both the depth and texture of your subject?
  10. According to the textbook, in relation to landscape photography, the time of day that you photograph it is just as visually important as the location is.
  11. Which of the following statements is not true of portable flash photography?
  12. A DSLR camera is preferred over a compact camera for macro or close-up work mainly because the photographer views the subject through the same lens as the picture will be taken through as opposed to a separate rangefinder window.
  13. The best position to place the horizon line within a landscape photo most of the time would be in the exact center of the frame.
  14. From which direction should a photographer position the light to come when photographing glass or transparent objects in the studio?
  15. There are two different flash-to-camera connections. One is the PC cord socket, what is the other (a bracket located on the top center of the camera)?
  16. Which of the following filters is responsible for taking reflections out of highly-reflective surfaces like glass or water?
  17. What’s the best exposure mode for shooting pictures of pets or animals in their individual environments?
  18. Which of the following options is the poorest one for trying to capture all the range of tones within a building’s interior that also has exterior-facing windows?
  19. It doesn’t matter what actual color a ceiling or wall is that you are bouncing light off of for a flash photo; just so it’s a light color and not a dark one.
  20. A photographer cannot light up a giant scene like a coliseum or cathedral with one small portable flash unit. They don’t have that kind of power.
  21. Which flash term below means that the camera and flash communicate electronically, with the camera telling the flash among other things what ISO is being used, and the flash telling the camera when it’s fully charged and ready to fire?
  22. A cable release is a necessity for nighttime photography when using the “bulb” setting on your camera.
  23. Which camera accessory item is not needed to photograph at night or in extremely low-light situations?
  24. The key to successful sports or action photography is as simple as taking the picture at precisely the right moment when the action was at its peak.
  25. Which photographic accessory did the textbook say was essential for landscape photography?
  26. What is the best lighting situation for an outdoor group portrait?
  27. Direct lighting is much more prevalently used in today’s contemporary portraiture than that diffused lighting.
  28. What type of light source is responsible for making a subject’s eyes glow red in color?
  29. When photographing a color image as black and white, it is important that the quality of the light illuminating the scene be dramatic and full of contrast.
  30. Most all sports or action shots require that the photographer use very fast shutter speeds to freeze the action; blurry images have no place in action photography.
  31. Random brightly colored pixels that show up mainly in the shadow areas of digital photos are usually referred to as “grain.”
  32. People pictured within the outdoor places or landscape shots can often give the viewer a sense of scale as to how large or small some subjects really are.
  33. What focal length of the lens does the textbook mention is ideal for taking pictures of babies or small children?
  34. A DSLR camera’s built-in pop-up flash unit is only capable of illuminating subjects at distances of less than 1 meter.
  35. When using portable flash outside in bright sunlight to add light to dark areas of the scene; photographers refer to this as what type of light?
  36. The use of flash as lighting for photographing animals or wildlife is usually discouraged because it may startle or scare them.
  37. The best and most effective way according to the textbook, to prevent “red-eye” from happening in your flash photos is to bounce the light of the flash off a low ceiling or nearby wall.
  38. Which of the five types of studio lighting has the following advantages: continuous output allows the photographer to see effects, can be daylight balanced, usually diffused, and low in cost?
  39. Portable flash cannot be used at just any shutter speed with a DSLR camera. The photographer usually must use a shutter speed of slower than 1/60 of a second.
  40. When, according to the text, is the best time to photograph outside places or landscapes?

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