Purchase Solved Liberty University AVIA 220 Quiz 2 

Purchase Solved Liberty University AVIA 220 Quiz 2

  1. What stall is caused by attempting to hasten the completion of a stall recovery before the airplane has regained sufficient flying speed?
  2. During the recovery from a power-on stall, the pilot should:
  3. After the bank has been established in a turn, all pressure applied to the aileron may be relaxed and the airplane will:
  4. A stall occurs when the smooth airflow over the airplane’s wing is disrupted and the lift degenerates rapidly. This is caused when the wing exceeds its critical angle of attack.
  5. The following will always be true, regardless of the airplane’s attitude in relation to the earth.
  6. Bank control is the control of the airplane about the ___ axis by use of the ____ to attain the desired bank angle in relation to the natural horizon.
  7. No more than ___ percent of the pilot’s attention should be inside the cockpit.
  8. The ability to sense a flight condition, without relying on cockpit instrumentation is often called
  9. The slow flight could be thought of as:
  10. A spin may be defined as an aggravated stall.
  11. Straight and level flight is a flight in which a constant heading and altitude are maintained.
  12. The best angle of climb (Vx) is ___.
  13. At a given angle of bank, a higher ___ will make the radius of turn larger because the airplane will be turning at a slower rate.
  14. If full power is applied for a go-around and positive control of the airplane is not maintained what kind of stall is likely to occur?
  15. A glide is a basic maneuver in which the airplane loses altitude in a controlled descent with little or no engine power.
  16. In attitude flying, airplane control is composed of four components: pitch control, bank control, power control, and trim.
  17. An aircraft stalls at the same airspeed, regardless of weight, or load factor.
  18. Recovering from the power-off stall should be accomplished by:
  19. The practice of a power-off stall will be recognized by:
  20. All four primary controls are used in close coordination when making turns. How do the ailerons aid in turning an aircraft?
  21. Describe a cross-controlled stall and a scenario where one may occur.
  22. Describe the phases of a spin and the correct recovery procedures if one is encountered.

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