Purchase Solved Liberty University BIBL 425 Quiz 4 

Purchase Solved Liberty University BIBL 425 Quiz 4


Quiz: The Strong and Weak and the Letter Closing

  1. Romans 15:33 echoes the beginning of the letter (1:7) by referring to God’s peace?
  2. Which is not one of the three facets of the Roman church that Paul touches on in 16:1-16?
  3. Describe Paul’s use of and the meaning of “faith” in 14:22-23.
  4. The command to “offer” ourselves in 12:1 is reminiscent of what other chapter in Romans?
  5. Identify the “weak” in 14:1-12.
  6. Explain the sudden introduction of “neighbor” in 15:2.
  7. Romans16:25-27makesafittinginclusiototheletterasseveralsignificantthemesare
  8. Paul’s message and actions were accompanied by “signs and wonders” (15:19). This is significant, at least partly, because Paul was a strategic figure in salvation
  9. According to 15:7, what is the basis for mutual acceptance?
  10. WhoisTertiusin16:22?
  11. The Gentile Christians should be willing to share in the contribution to the poor saints in Jerusalem because since they are obligated to the Jews spiritually, they should be willing to help them materially (15:27)?
  12. Why has Paul written so “boldly” to the Roman church (15:15-16)?
  13. Who is everyone ultimately personally accountable to for our actions?
  14. What analogy does Paul use in 12:4-5 to illustrate the unity of the church in Christ?
  15. Paul does not have to warn about those who would divide the church in his letter to the Romans.
  16. Define the word krino in 14:13.
  17. What single point does the paragraph in 13:1-7 focus on?
  18. WhatisPaul’smainconcernforlayingouthistravelplanstotheRomanchurchin15:22-29?
  19. What does the word “gift” ( charisma) denote in 12:6-8?
  20. Paul uses an analogy from the Temple worship to express the nature of his ministry to the Gentiles (15:16). He expresses his ministry as a priest who offered sacrifices to This analogy emphasizes Paul’s intercessory ministry to the Gentiles.
  21. According to 12:3, the standard for assessing ourselves is “the measure of faith God has given ” This most likely refers to  
  22. What does the term adiaphora refer to?
  23. What is the general principle that Paul formalized in 14:21?
  24. According to 14:17-18, what are the characteristics of God’s kingdom in contrast to the “disputable matters” that were a source of division and tension?
  25. One great purpose for proclaiming the gospel is that all nations might believe in Jesus Christ (16:26).

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