Purchase Solved Liberty University BUSI 330 Quiz 6

Purchase Solved Liberty University BUSI 330 Quiz 6

  1. Trans Wave International is a small company that has developed a system that uses the Internet and patented electronic sensors as an early-warning device for pipeline leaks. With the recent growth in the natural gas industry, the timing is right for this company’s success, but it must use advertising so oil and gas companies will know of its product’s existence.
  2. “Inspired by Threads—A Fashion Challenge” is run each year by Threads magazine, which is targeted toward professional clothiers and seamstresses. The idea is to design and sew a garment and send the entry into Threads to compete with others for prizes such as sewing machines and cash.
  3. According to the CPM Marketing Dashboard above, the CPM for the Super Bowl would be approximately
  4. How an advertising message is communicated to the target audience is known as
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  6. Advertisements consist of two types:
  7. The three primary types of product advertisements are
  8. Several hospitals placed signs on the inside door of bathroom stalls in their ladies’ restrooms encouraging women to seek help if they are being abused. The signs included information and contact numbers for immediate help. This is an example of
  9. A is self-liquidating if the merchandise cost is covered by what the consumer pays for it, though it is offered at significant savings off its retail price.
  10. A full-service advertising agency refers to
  11. The type of appeal used to imply either directly or subtly that the product is more fun or exciting than competitors’ offerings is referred to as
  12. A trade promotion that involves paying retailers for financing costs or financial losses associated with consumer sales promotions is referred to as a
  13. All of the following statements regarding the training of distributors’ sales forces are true except which?
  14. All of the following are difficulties associated with creating an actual advertising message except which?
  15. When Google chose a new model for its advertising, it decided to
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  17. The most popular loyalty programs today are reward programs.
  18. The purpose of reminder institutional advertisements is to
  19. A print ad for Allegra allergy medication offers a free purple seat cushion to all who request additional information about the drug. This seat cushion is an example of a
  20. Ben & Jerry’s offers a complimentary scoop of ice cream on “Free Cone Day.” This is what type of sales promotion?
  21. Three common trade-oriented sales approaches are targeted uniquely to wholesalers, retailers, and distributors: cooperative advertising, and training of distributor’s sales forces.
  22. Sales promotions that usually offer an immediately discounted price to the consumer, which encourages a trial of the product, are commonly referred to as
  23. A sales promotion in which consumers are invited to apply their skills or analytical or creative thinking to try to win a prize is referred to as a
  24. For marketers, the primary objective of coupons is to
  25. The most sophisticated form of pretest is the
  26. One disadvantage of using newspapers as an advertising medium is
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  28. One problem with humorous appeals is that
  29. Virgin Mobile, a mobile communications service provider, recently offered consumers of $100 when they switched their service over seven weeks and deducted it from the first bill.
  30. Reminder advertisements are especially effective for products in which stage of their product life cycle?
  31. A common publicity tool is, in which representatives of the media are all invited to an informational meeting, and advance materials regarding the content are sent.
  32. The purpose of pioneering institutional advertisements is to
  33. An ad for Hydroxycut, a dietary supplement sold as a weight loss aid, depicts a handsome man with an open shirt with ripped abdominal muscles who claims that he “was shocked at how fast Hydroxycut worked” when he lost 27 pounds. This ad is using

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