Purchase Solved Liberty University BUSI 505 Quiz 4 

Purchase Solved Liberty University BUSI 505 Quiz 4

  • Studying a project’s potential opportunities is part of what area of management?
  • Which of the following shows three elements of the SLC as given in the chapter, in the correct order from earliest to latest?
  • Which of the following is true?
  • At which stage of defining requirements are tools for analyzing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats useful?
  • The first country to implement ICD-10 codes was:
  • Which examples are natural disasters that could affect IT systems?
  • Which system is an example of a core clinical application?
  • Your task is to study and examine precisely what the project you are involved with is trying to accomplish, in order to set definable goals and boundaries. What aspect of the project are you working on?
  • When commercial software is distributed, typically:
  • Which of the following activities would be considered project management?
  • Which redundant EHR application is critical to avoid disrupting nurses’ care of patients during downtime?
  • In a license agreement, the questions of who the users are, whether software can be distributed, and the number of copies that can be run all fall under the category of:
  • Which factor commonly interferes with the goal of successfully completing an EHR implementation that is on time and within budget?
  • A large medical practice that specializes in cancer care is weighing the advantages and disadvantages of implementing the most recent version of a commercial EHR or building its own homegrown system for its office. The staff selects a commercial EHR from a major vendor. Which factor best supports this decision?
  • When negotiating an agreement between a vendor and the HCO, which entity should write the second draft of the agreement? Which should write the third?
  • Using SaaS:
  • Which is an example of healthcare IT physical infrastructure?
  • Which activity or intervention should be avoided when implementing an EHR system?
  • A fee of 18% of the license fee per year for vendor maintenance and support would be considered:
  • If the planned single system downtime is less than 1 hour in the middle of a Sunday night, which downtime level should be assigned?
  • Documentation for support is considered a deliverable at which stage of the project management process?
  • Which system is an example of an ancillary service application?
  • What is the primary reason to back up data entered into electronic health records?
  • A large medical center that specializes in high-risk pregnancies is implementing an entire suite of clinical applications such as CPOE, barcode medication administration (BCMA), nursing documentation, data acquisition system to collect clinical data from cardiac and fetal monitors and ventilators, laboratory system, radiology system, PACS, and cardiology. It has a large, highly skilled, experienced IT team. The project team decided to go with a Big Bang go-live versus an incremental or phased approach. Which factor best supports this decision?
  • A system that incorporates evidence-based content and clinical decision support includes:

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