Purchase Solved Liberty University BUSI 650 Quiz 4 

Purchase Solved Liberty University BUSI 650 Quiz 4

  1. The plan is a preliminary, approximate schedule of an organization’s overall operations that will satisfy the demand forecast at minimum cost.
  2. In the allocation of capacity, overbooking is an attempt to reduce costs through better schedule management.
  3. Yield management, also known as revenue management is the amount of output of acceptable quality emerging from a production system compared with the amount that entered it.
  4. The most important factor(s) affecting the learning curve rate include(s):
  5. Which of the following are measures of capacity in terms of outputs and inputs produced for the corresponding production system?
  6. Efficiency is defined as input divided by output.
  7. Uncertain waiting is longer than known, finite waiting.
  8. Which of the following is/are (a) technique(s) used for increasing short-run capacity
  9. The learning curve is the ability programmed in robots to increase their productive capacity through learning.
  10. In addition to showing time schedules, Gantt charts can also be used for the capacities of facilities, workers, jobs, activities, and so forth.
  11. It is not unusual for fire departments to use “slack months” for building inspections, conducting prevention programs, and giving talks as a way to have anti-cyclic outputs.
  12. The learning curve effect is
  13. 3PL companies:
  14. Under sole-sourcing arrangements, customers involve suppliers from the design stage, asking for larger deliveries of higher-quality items in large batches that enable greater savings.
  15. inventories exist because materials must be moved from one location to another.
  16. Purchasing tends to follow three practices; which of the following is NOT one of them?
  17. What term describes the execution of business transactions in a paperless environment, primarily through the Internet?
  18. Which of the following costs includes taxes, insurance on buildings, depreciation of buildings, and maintenance and repairs?
  19. Water is a good transportation mode for small, high-value, or perishable items.
  20. Organizations that process natural or basic resources as raw materials or other essential inputs to obtain their outputs will locate near their resources if one of the following conditions holds:
  21. may be thought of as the ability of one organization’s computer to communicate with another’s computer.
  22. Logistics consist(s) of the following, EXCEPT:
  23. The term supply chain generally refers to all the activities involved in supplying an end user with a product or service.
  24. Enterprise resource planning systems are designed to collect and interpret customer- based customer-based data.
  25. Risk costs include interest on money invested in inventory and in the land, buildings, and equipment necessary to hold and maintain the inventory.

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