Purchase Solved Liberty University CEFS 515 Quiz 1 

Purchase Solved Liberty University CEFS 515 Quiz 1

  1. The sampling technique often seen in psychological research is convenience sampling.
  2. Making observations of the behavior of human beings or animals is known as:
  3. The Nuremberg Code came about because of Stanley Milgram’s study.
  4. Based on Jackson, figure 5.7 above of a standard normal distribution, what percentage of the population would score above someone who scores two standard deviations above the mean?
  5. Validity refers to _____
  6. A correlation may be considered weak if the correlation coefficient falls between the values of:
  7. μ (pronounced “mu”) represents the symbol for the population means.
  8. Empirically Supported Treatments (EST’s) are considered the “gold standard” because _______
  9. The following terms may be more associated with quantitative research than qualitative:
  10. A hypothesis should be based on opinion.
  11. Research questions are ________
  12. Correlational studies identify the degree to which one variable causes a change in another.
  13. Scientist Practitioners use their research to inform their practice.
  14. ∑ represents the symbol for “the multiplication of”
  15. All of the following are examples of qualitative design except _______
  16. Qualitative research tends to be less structured than quantitative research.
  17. The seven steps of the research process begin with learning database procedures.
  18. The correlation coefficient, which measures reliability, is considered a “strong” relationship between the values of ______ and ______
  19. The Boulder Model was built upon a foundation of Rogerian counseling theory.
  20. In a double-blind research study the ________
  21. In the class video on John Gottman’s Love Lab, the device that measures fidgeting was called:
  22. The following are examples of scientific practitioners except ______
  23. Which of the following is an example of naturalistic observation:
  24. All of the following are probability samples except _______
  25. When forming a scholarly research paper, authors should use tools and resources such as ________________

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