Purchase Solved Liberty University CJUS 540 Research Paper 

Purchase Solved Liberty University CJUS 540 Research Paper

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The student will write a 15–20-page Research Paper on a specific problem in cybercrime. The hypothesis will be based on one of the topics that were provided in the directions for this assignment. It should not be a descriptive paper but one that critically examines current problems and contemporary solutions. The student should make an argument or prove a point. It should be modeled after the form of what appears in most legal journals. The paper must utilize at least 12 significant, scholarly, peer-reviewed resources that are relevant to the topic (current, credible, and each carries its weight) with a clear and meaningful connection between all the resources. The paper must properly follow the current APA style. Detailed instructions can be found in Blackboard. If a student is struggling with the current APA format, he/she may refer to the Additional Information folder for help.

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