Purchase Solved Liberty University CRIS 303 Quiz 6

Purchase Solved Liberty University CRIS 303 Quiz 6

  1. Mourning rituals may serve several functions, including which of the following:
  2. One issue inherent in sudden, unanticipated death that may complicate mourning includes:
  3. Counselors must be prepared to accept and appropriately respond to the fact that the bereaved may find themselves and others ineffective and incompetent for what reason?
  4. Edwin Schneidman, the founder of the American Association of Suicidology, estimates that for each death by suicide, other persons are intimately affected.
  5. Which of the following is defined as having the goal of facilitating the movement of the bereaved through the stages and tasks of grieving by providing a supportive environment in which those directly affected by the loss can progress?
  6. According to the text, during the anger stage of grief, acknowledgment of anger may cause feelings of relief to surface.
  7. Older adults respond to what is called “cluster” or “copycat” suicide more often than adolescents.
  8. It is common, during the bargaining stage of grief, for an individual to ruminate about what could have been done to prevent the loss.
  9. Which of the following was not identified by Michalowski (1976) as one of the five distinct areas that makes homicide more salient than other forms of violent death?
  10. The order of Kubler-Ross’ stages of grief is:
  11. In a homicide situation, rage is generally directed at the perpetrator; finding someone to blame is necessary so that the intense emotion may be felt and
  12. The meaning of what is said to someone who is suffering is not carried in the words themselves, rather it is carried in the struggle one acknowledges in attempting to find the words and in the strength and caring demonstrated by speaking, however ineloquently.
  13. Basic social skills are a prerequisite for participation in groups. Individuals displaying these traits should be considered highly questionable for inclusion:
  14. Evidence is emerging that suggests individuals bereaved through suicide (survivors of suicide) will likely experience a(n) complicated grief reaction than those will in which the death was the result of natural causes or accident.
  15. In Victorian times, which of the following were often pieced out of the clothing of the deceased?
  16. This is not an example of a secondary loss, as noted by the text:
  17. There is a widespread agreement that the death of a child is one of the most, if not the most, difficult losses that an individual can experience.
  18. Therapeutic intervention in the early phases of grief includes:
  19. Sudden death may include suicide, homicide, accidental death, and health-related death.
  20. In the case of a stillbirth, what could complicate mourning?
  21. In 4-6 sentences please discuss how your views have changed on sudden and unexpected death and how one processes such a loss.

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