Purchase Solved Liberty University CRIS 609 Quiz 4 

Purchase Solved Liberty University CRIS 609 Quiz 4

Quiz: Disaster Recovery

  1. Which of the following is included in the UN’s definition of genocide?
  2. Gang leaders, associates, and regulars are considered:
  3. Church support in disaster differs from crisis response in that:
  4. The number one thing to do when building relationships within the culture is:
  5. Peripheral gang members are considered to be:
  6. The number one thing to do when building relationships within the culture is:
  7. Resistance, response, resilience, and recovery must apply at __________ levels.
  8. Which character trait is mentioned to be the most important when responding as a crisis responder in international settings?
  9. Which of the following are ways to prevent genocide?
  10. Rural areas pose greater problems dues to
  11. Empowering the people is vital to helping them survive and overcome trauma in their culture.
  12. In considering long-term disaster recovery, communities usually can take “models” from previous disasters
  13. Genocide is not clearly defined.
  14. The lecture on long-term disaster recovery emphasized the fundamental importance of churches being prepared for a disaster
  15. In terms of long-term recovery from disasters, there is a relationship between having resources come from within a community and how resilient victims will be
  16. There are no differences between rural/small town and metropolitan/large city crisis response situations.
  17. The church and crisis responders must remember to focus on the bigger picture in the midst of disaster.
  18. Fatherlessness plays a part in gangs.
  19. The international community has given more spiritual help than physical help.

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