Purchase Solved Liberty University ENGL 216 Quiz 1

Purchase Solved Liberty University ENGL 216 Quiz 1


  1. Swift provides several serious arguments as to how the problems in Ireland could be solved, including:
  2. The Elizabethan Age is often called the Golden Age of England when all arts flourished. :
  3. The Rape of the Lock mocks ancient epics. :
  4. What best describes Lady Montagu’s attitude toward the women she observes? :
  5. Types of Novels during the Restoration include: :
  6. Machinery in The Rape of the Lock consists of:
  7. This work was based on an actual quarrel between two Catholic families: :
  8. Ombre is:
  9. This author’s father found her journal and warned her to be more careful about leaving it out: :
  10. In Rambler No. 4 Johnson suggests that earlier romances were not realistic and therefore not dangerous:
  11. This author was a hero in Ireland for speaking out against the English oppression of Ireland. :
  12. Arming for Battle The Rape of the Lock is equated with primping for the party. :
  13. Belinda’s protector sprite is:
  14. In Rambler No. 4 Johnson writes, “They are the entertainment of minds unfurnished with ideas, and therefore easily susceptible of impressions; not fixed by principles, and therefore easily following the current of fancy; not informed by experience, and consequently open to every false suggestion and partial account” which means:
  15. Belinda wears sparking on her breast. :
  16. “The use of knowledge in our sex (besides the amusement of solitude) is to moderate the passions and learn to be contented with a small expense” was written by:
  17. In her letter to Lady Mar, Montagu states that Turkish women are the only free people in the Empire.
  18. The work is essentially a metaphor that ‘The English are devouring the Irish.’ :
  19. This author addresses a journal to “Nobody.” :
  20. This author was encouraged to stop writing in a journal. :
  21. Johnson defines “works of fiction” as ordinary events happening to real people. :
  22. Swift argues that skin can be used by the thrifty for: :
  23. The Restoration Period occurs from:
  24. Swift relies on logic, statistics, and facts to present his proposal. :
  25. What ascends comet-like to the starry heavens to assume its place among other constellations? :
  26. The main argument in “A Modest Proposal,” that children should be used for food, is a serious proposal.
  27. In “A Modest Proposal,” Swift argues that infants are most plentiful in March because: :
  28. This work can be classified as pre-Romantic:
  29. Montague’s revelation of her “stays” to the Turkish women in the baths suggests that she is not as free as they are.
  30. Montagu warns Lady Bute that languages are representative of learning and what a woman has learned she should share with all.
  31. Lady Montagu does not undress for a bath; rather, she visits and observes. :
  32. Which work states, “The boasts of heraldry, the pomp of power…The paths of glory lead but to the grave”?
  33. What is the primary goal of fiction, according to Johnson? :
  34. “For pride, which produces quickness of resentment, will obstruct gratitude, by an unwillingness to admit that inferiority which obligation implies; and it is very unlikely that he who cannot think he receives a favor, will acknowledge or repay it” comes to the following work:
  35. The two main British political parties during the eighteenth century were: :
  36. This work hypothesizes that there must be geniuses among the poor. :
  37. Why does Montagu compare the baths to a ‘women’s coffee house’? :
  38. Who gives the Baron scissors in The Rape of the Lock? :
  39. For this author, fiction is didactic and authors have the moral responsibility of selecting characters and situations carefully:
  40. The early centuries of England were very turbulent times and a struggle between Protestants and Catholics.
  41. Characteristics of an Epic include the following:
  42. “I think it as scandalous for a woman not to know how to use a needle, as for a man not to know how to use a sword” was written by:
  43. This Neoclassical author, who suffered from tuberculosis and was only 4 ½ feet tall, translated the Odyssey and Iliad:
  44. Swift satirizes the domestic values of the Irish, who had a lack of self-respect, while at the same time admonishes the inhumane lack of compassion by those who saw the poor as animals.
  45. Montague suggests that the Turkish women at the baths were more polite to a stranger than the European court would have been.
  46. This Neoclassical author was considered a hero in Ireland for going against English oppression of Ireland:
  47. Swift seriously proposes cannibalism in “A Modest Proposal.” :
  48. Which work posits that all men are equal in death? :
  49. This work is known as the greatest mock epic poem ever written: :
  50. This work asks, “[B]ut why to permit me to ask, must a female be made Nobody?” :


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