Purchase Solved Liberty University GOVT 480 Final Exam

Purchase Solved Liberty University GOVT 480 Final Exam

Answered several questions. Use this as a reference.

  • Explain how Hezbollah is a product of the Iranian Revolution. Describe the umbrella organization of Hezbollah. Make sure to address the three figures of leadership under which Hezbollah developed.
  • What is the USA Patriot Act? Explain the act and then explain why Title II has the most controversial aspects of the Act. What were the reservations in regard to renewing the USA Patriot Act in 2005? What provisions were made in the 2006 version of the USA Patriot Act?
  • What are the three intelligence roles of the local government? How do these roles differ from the intelligence roles of the federal government?
  • Explain the three future responses warranted from the lessons learned from Mumbai and Lahore as indicated by the FBI. Would you agree or disagree with the FBI’s conclusion? Explain.
  • Compare and contrast nationalistic terrorism and ideological terrorism. Are extremist organizations formed by a nationalist ideology more or less dangerous than those organizations formed by a religious ideology? Why? Provide an example of each to support your answer
  • List and discuss the three key elements that changed the political landscape of Europe and the world during the late 1980s and the early 1990s. What effect did each of these have on terrorism?
  • Discuss the organizational and leadership differences between the PLO and Abu Nidal. Also, address the differences in how the groups gained support and recognition.
  • Do you believe that domestic terrorism is still a threat in the United States? Why or why not? Which do you believe is more dangerous to the American public, domestic terrorism or international terrorism? Why?
  •  What are the arguments both for and against the relationship between community policing and homeland security? Which side of the argument do you agree with and why?
  • List and discuss at least three areas of our society that are vulnerable to terrorist attacks and thus require infrastructure protection. Provide examples. Discuss why all levels of government should work with private industry/agencies in infrastructure protection.

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