Purchase Solved Liberty University HIEU 566 Quiz 3

Purchase Solved Liberty University HIEU 566 Quiz 3

  1. The Roman Index included:
  2. John of the Cross and Teresa of Avila are examples of what movement within the Catholic Church?
  3. What is Anglicanism?
  4. The publication of which book started a craze for witch hunting and burning during the early 1500s?
  5. Anglican Church thrived in America, known as the:
  6. What edict forced the restoration of Catholicism to all parts of the Empire that had become Protestant since 1552?
  7. The Portuguese helped what Christian African nation defeat an invading Islamic army in the 1540s?
  8. The Battle of White Mountain saw what result?
  9. The Bishops’ War over Cologne occurred from 1583-1588 when:
  10. The Bohemian nobles are famous for which event that occurred on the 23rd of May, 1618?
  11. The Westminster Confession of 1646 was meant to:
  12. Who called King Henry IV of France a “new King David in Israel”?
  13. What edict provided amnesty and freedom to worship for Protestants and Catholics in France?
  14. The Italian Protestants & their Reformation were eradicated from Italy by the Roman & Venetian Inquisitions by what decade?
  15. What was the Ethiopian response to Jesuit critiques that their form of Christianity resembled Judaism too much?
  16. (Variant 1) Jesuit Portuguese missionaries to Asia experienced some interesting successes and struggles, particularly in India and Japan. Recount some of these experiences and whether they led to the expansion or division of Christianity in the region.

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