Purchase Solved Liberty University HIUS 445 Exam 4

Purchase Solved Liberty University HIUS 445 Exam 4

  1. Iran released the American hostages in Tehran just minutes after Reagan was sworn into office in 1981.  The reason: Iran was afraid of Reagan.  The outgoing Carter administration was unable to make a deal and was of no consequence or concern.
  2. Reagan was sworn in as President of the United States with his mother’s Bible opened to II Chronicles 7:14—“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”
  3. As a leader, Reagan—while resolute in advancing his beliefs– was shy and possessed a gentle nature and a “first-class temperament.”  He did not call names and was generous and kind even to his critics.
  4. What did Reagan later describe to be his “deepest disappointment” as president?
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  6. In the summer of 1981, Reagan selected this female judge as a U.S. Supreme Court justice—the first female to ever serve on the Court.
  7. Unlike 21st-century presidents, Reagan actually submitted balanced budgets during his eight years in the White House.
  8. When Reagan was shot in March 1981, the bullet left only a flesh wound.  What nearly killed him was his secret service agent breaking one of his ribs, which then punctured a lung.
  9. This Democratic Speaker of the House got along well with Reagan in private meetings, but in public often referred to him as a “rich man’s president.”
  10. Which of the following is true about the air traffic controllers’ strike of 1981?
  11. The economic crisis in the late 1970s was so severe and so disorienting that many observers across the political spectrum even questioned whether the free-market system would survive.
  12. The real cornerstone of Reagan’s economic agenda—i.e. the theory of using tax cuts as incentives for individuals and businesses to work and produce goods (supply) rather than as an incentive for consumers to buy goods (demand).
  13. NOT one of Reagan’s goals for his first term:
  14. Reagan was often obtuse concerning racial matters.  For example, he failed to support the MLK holiday proposal in the 1980s and even suggested the King may have been a Communist sympathizer.
  15. This anti-communist hardliner (and Reagan campaign manager in 1980) served as CIA Director from 1981 to 1987.  Traditionally, the role of C.I.A. director was informational and analytical, and not decisional.  Not so under Reagan.  This director often met alone with Reagan and was “virtually a full partner” in the administration’s decision-making process.
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  17. Which of the following is true about Reagan’s foreign policy beliefs?
  18. Reagan was pro-nuclear weapons, believing more nations should have them.
  19. Reagan was an opponent of free trade.   He favored protectionist policies instead.
  20. This Secretary of Defense (1981-1987) was a hardliner who rejected MAD and enthusiastically embraced SDI and the President’s dramatic increase in the defense budget.
  21. The Reagan White House policy process was haphazard and one where personality often mattered more than substance.  Indeed, there was a great deal of infighting with Reagan not playing an active role.
  22. This Secretary of State (1981-1982) under Reagan wanted to be the “Vicar” of American foreign policy.  On the day Reagan was shot, he told the country that he was “in charge.”  He was pompous and authoritarian and was ultimately fired by the President over disagreements in foreign policy procedures in the Middle East.
  23. Reagan was steeped in the tradition of M.A.D.—i.e. “mutual assured destruction.”  He believed it to be a sound and reasonable approach to the Cold War.
  24. Reagan believed that America’s greatest weapon in the battle against Communism was what?
  25. Which of the following is true about Reagan and the making of American foreign policy?
  26. Reagan rejected détente and the MAD doctrine (Mutual Assured Destruction).
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  28. NOT one of the immediate priorities Reagan had to deal with during his first weeks in office:
  29. Reagan was unable to get his tax cuts through Congress in 1981.
  30. What was Reagan’s “zero option” that he unveiled in November 1981?
  31. This Secretary of the Treasury under Nixon was Reagan’s second and last Secretary of State (1982-1989).  He was collegial and experienced, and a pragmatist who accepted MAD.
  32. Reagan believed this U.S. president was the most underrated.  As Governor of Massachusetts in 1919, he garnered national attention by putting down the Boston Police Strike.  He was Reagan’s model for handling the air traffic controller strike.  Reagan hung his picture in the Cabinet Room.
  33. What did Reagan—according to his autobiography– believe to be at the heart of America’s economic problem in the early 1980s?
  34. What was Reaganomics?  According to the lectures, what were some of its successes and failures?

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