Purchase Solved Liberty University JURI 540 Quiz 2

Purchase Solved Liberty University JURI 540 Quiz 2

  1. Assume that one of Ms. Roberts’s “biggest fans” drives up to the 7-Eleven just as the shooting starts. He recognizes Ms. Roberts and realizes that she isn’ta real cop. He thinks she’s filming a movie. With the dead “robbers” down on the ground, he helps Ms. Roberts load the bags of “evidence” and the robbers’ bodies into the “police car” and says “Good work, officer” as she drives off. Which of the following is a TRUE statement?
  2. Able decided to kill the governor because he could not stand the governor’s political views. Able bought a gun, determined the governor’s schedule, and traveled to a location where the governor was scheduled to deliver a speech. Baker, who did not know Able, noticed that Able was standing near the podium and saw that Able had a gun hidden under his coat. Baker also hated the governor, and he suddenly thought to himself, “If this guy is getting ready to kill the governor, I will try to help him!” The governor appeared at the podium to deliver his speech. Able began to raise his gun from under his coat. At that moment, Baker saw that a nearby police officer had apparently not noticed Able’s actions.  To make sure that the officer never had the opportunity to observe Able, Baker stepped forward, stuck out his leg, and tripped the police officer. Able – who was completely unaware of the police officer and of Baker – raised his gun and fired a shot at the governor. The shot, however, missed. Is Baker guilty of principle to attempted murder?
  3. Bubble Bass was late for an appointment across town. Because of this, he was driving recklessly through traffic at a high rate of speed. While driving across town, Bubble Bass drove through a red light. There were a number of people crossing the street at the time and Bubble Bass hit one of them. The person he hit was seriously injured and was rushed to the hospital. Bubble Bass was charged with attempted murder.
    Bubble Bass should be:
  4. Tom had a heart ailment so serious that his doctors had concluded that only a heart transplant could save his life. They, therefore, arranged to have him flown to a nearby city to have the operation performed. Dan, Tom’s nephew, who stood to inherit from Tom, poisoned him. The poison produced a reaction, which required postponing the journey. The plane on which Tom was to have flown crashed and all aboard were killed. By the following day, Tom’s heart was so weakened by the effects of the poison that he suffered a heart attack and died. If charged with criminal homicide, Dan should be found:
  5. Able wanted to kill Baker. Able believed in voodoo. More specifically, Able believed that by sticking pins into a voodoo doll made to look like Baker, he would cause Baker to suffer a slow and painful death. Able obtained a voodoo doll made to look like Baker and performed a voodoo ritual to ensure that the doll would serve its intended purpose. Able then began to stick pins into the voodoo doll. Of course, Baker did not die as a result of Able’s acts. Is Able guilty of attempted murder?
  6. Charlie and Debbie decided to make methamphetamine for themselves and their friends. Debbie looked up a recipe to make methamphetamine on the Internet. Charlie went to the local drugstore and bought some iodine and some matches, two of the ingredients in the recipe. However, Charlie was unable to purchase any Sudafed or other medications containing ephedrine, another ingredient in the recipe, due to new restrictions imposed by state law on such purchases. After Charlie left the drugstore, the pharmacist called the police and reported Charlie’s efforts to purchase Sudafed. Charlie and Debbie were both arrested. Is Debbie guilty of the attempted manufacture of methamphetamine?
  7. Which of the following defendants is guilty as a principal, and punishable for the
    charged offense?
  8. Sally was upset with her husband, Thomas, for being unfaithful to their marriage vows. She thought he needed to be taught a good lesson about how it felt to be venerable and all alone. Sally called Thomas and told him that they needed to talk. Due to their notoriety, she said that the only place they could talk in private was at night as they drove around town. That evening, Sally picked Thomas up at the hotel he had been staying at since she had kicked him out of the house. As they drove to a desolate spot ten miles outside of town, Sally ordered Thomas out of the car at knifepoint while screaming, “Why don’t you walk back and learn how it feels to be all alone in such a dark world!” Feeling very scared (and lonely) Thomas began the long walk home on a very dark country road. At one moment, Thomas became extremely frightened after hearing what seemed to be a sound of a hyena. He started to run as fast as he could when all of a sudden he ran right into the antlers of a buck who had been standing in the middle of the road. Thomas was instantly killed by the impact. Is Sally criminally responsible for Thomas’s death?
  9. Toby wanted to kill his boss, Michael. Toby planned to bring a gun to work one day, walk into Michael’s office, and shoot Michael in the head. However, Toby was concerned because Michael often worked from home. In addition, Michael kept a gun in his office desk, and Toby did not want to risk being shot by Michael. Toby told Charlie, who also worked at in the same office, about his plans to kill Michael. Charlie said, “I hate Michael, too! I certainly don’t want you to kill him, but I sure hope the guy croaks soon!” About a week later, Toby woke up and decided that it was a good day to kill Michael. Toby called Charlie at work and asked if Michael was in his office. Charlie said, “Yes, he’s here. Why? You’re not going to try to kill him, are you?” Toby did not reply. Thirty minutes later, Toby arrived at the office, walked into Michael’s office, and shot him dead. Is Charlie guilty of a crime in connection with the murder of Michael?
  10. Algoreand Bidoon are at the corner store. They really want some 5 Guys fries, but they don’t have any money. Algore has a plan. He tells Bidoon that if he (Bidoon) will distract the cashier by talking about last night’s episode of “The Biggest Loser,” he (Algore) will stuff fries down his pockets for them to split when they get back to the White House. Bidoon However, Bidoon feels the need to “get into character.” In order to do that, Bidoon goes home to watch his TiVo recording of “The Biggest Loser.” When Bidoon is confident that he knows everything about exercise and eating right, he and Algore walk back to the store. Bidoondistracts the cashier by chatting about his favorite trainer, Jillian. As Algore picks up some fries and puts them in his pocket, an old woman raps him on the hand with her cane and shouts, “Stop, Thief!” Algore and Bidoon are arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit larceny, a third-degree felony. Under the Model Penal Code, when was their crime of conspiracy complete?

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