Purchase Solved Liberty University SOWK 250 Quiz 7

Purchase Solved Liberty University SOWK 250 Quiz 7

  1. Wellbeing is “not” influenced by _____________
  2. Workplace and professional self-care include:
  3. Finding a mentor through your workplace or through professional networks is not essential since makes you look professional.
  4. Well-being is not a state of feeling good about ourselves and the way our lives are going.
  5. From a Christian perspective, spiritual self-care would involve church attendance, prayer, meditation, and the reading of scripture.
  6. Ways to monitor and manage your stress in positive ways include all but
  7. Self-care relates to what you do at work and outside of work to look after your holistic well-being so that you can meet your personal and professional commitments.
  8. It is not important to provide support and encouragement for colleagues, giving constructive feedback, and being a role model not an essential part of a social worker’s professional behavior.
  9. All are Psychological self-care activities except:
  10. Relationship self-care involves maintaining healthy, supportive relationships, and ensuring you have diversity in your relationships so that you are not only connected to work people.

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