Purchase Solved Liberty University SOWK 325 Quiz 4

Purchase Solved Liberty University SOWK 325 Quiz 4

  1. Steve has been involved in urban ministry and promoting racial unity for approximately:
  2. No Walls is not just a group of individuals, but a group of churches that come together to promote racial unity and social justice.
  3. JC discussed that No Walls has a formal referral process if someone is in need of help.
  4. Which of the following is true about poverty in how Steve defined it?
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  6. Which age group makes up the highest poverty rate in the United States?
  7. Occupational welfare benefits include:
  8. Steve made the statement that welfare keeps people in poverty.
  9. Poverty, according to Steve, is defined in our country as absolute poverty.
  10. Which of the following is NOT a disadvantage of being poor?
  11. Steve said that the components that help people get out of poverty include:
  12. How many people were considered poor in 2013?
  13. The official measure of poverty is
  14. The website of nccp.org includes the following:
  15. According to the heritage.org website, the Heritage Foundation is a research and education think tank that has information on many policies, including on the subject of poverty.
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  17. How many millennium development goals were created in 2000?
  18. Steve, from the video, discusses that the following factor(s) have been shown in research to be directly linked to poverty:
  19. The census.gov website has information on:
  20. JC talked about several ministries that No Walls have done, including all EXCEPT:
  21. In the video with JC on No Walls, JC talked about how God drew him into ministry.  The following was a part of this:
  22. Which of the following describes what relative poverty is?

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