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LIFC 302 Quiz 2: Coaching Connection and Relationship Development

  1. The idea of a __________ is presented to couples to help them identify what they want different in their marriage and what they would like to work towards in mentoring.
  2. Which of the following is a task involved in building rapport?
  3. According to the authors, all of the following are essential to our survival as humans:
  4. Credibility is the quality of being _____________.
  5. When is it appropriate to break the confidentiality of your mentoree couple?
  6. What are the two parts of empathy?
  7. If one of your voices is muffled in the mentoring process, true marriage mentoring disappears.
  8. If a couple has a goal of relaxing and doing nothing (stopping to smell the roses), you should correct the couple towards a more worthy goal.
  9. Sam and Denise are marriage mentors, and they both try to echo each other’s points as they mentor Daniel and Maria. According to Les and Leslie Parrott, what are they demonstrating?
  10. Marriage mentors are allowed to be passive about finding a sense of direction in the mentoring relationship.
  11. _______ requires no training or skill
  12. You must establish with the couple before mentoring starts how long you are committing to mentor a couple.
  13. Knowing your objectives for couple’s mentoring provides all of the following:
  14. In marriage mentoring, remembering the big picture only sometimes makes the smaller goals more attainable.
  15. Another important word for delayed gratification is ______.
  16. Humans were created to connect with each other.
  17. All of the following are points that will help ensure teamwork as a marriage mentor couple:
  18. Judy is expressing her frustration about her horrible day at work to her husband, Matt. Matt listens intently as his body language mirrors Judy’s. This phenomenon is called:
  19. David and Karen are mentoring Jenna and Caleb. They noticed that Jenna and Caleb use the phrase, “hang up” a lot, so they use this phrase frequently when mentoring them. This is an example of the:
  20. _______ fades the moment your mentorees think you might be losing interest.
  21. How well one empathizes determines how well one _____.
  22. As a couple, you and your spouse must have worked through an area of differing opinions before you bring up that topic in conversation with your mentoree couple.
  23. In order to be able to identify and understand another’s emotional terrain well, you must be intimately familiar with whose emotional terrain?
  24. “It doesn’t matter how accurate you are if you are aiming at the wrong target.” This quote from the text refers to which concept in marriage mentoring?
  25. What are the three factors necessary to assuring you have established a deep level of credibility?
  26. Just as Jeff and Melinda in the text, couples must have always had great teamwork skills to qualify as candidates for marriage mentoring.
  27. Rapport accentuates ____ and downplays _____ so that understanding and a sense of connection are increased and maintained.
  28. The authors use this Biblical duo as an example of how to have great teamwork in mentoring:
  29. Which of the following characterizes rapport in marriage mentoring?
  30. The first priority of becoming an effective marriage mentor is ______.

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